Bukkit [MCSA] Minecraft Server Alliance - Discontinued 0.0.19 Alpha

Minecraft Server Alliance - Servers Connected.

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  1. jeff142


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  2. I may or may not be interested. Can you explain exactly what needs to be done ? Java programming ? Web design ? Both ?
  3. Looks interesting, i doubt i have the java skills to do it, or maybe i underestimate myself, eitherway, i am tied up with changing hosts.

    However, once this is done i do think it will be very effective.
    Will this link ALL servers using the plugin together, or only those you want?
    Otherwise someone could just go into your data base and - say - add me to it, denying me from my own server.
  4. I'm pretty sure it will use a similar system to MCBans.
  5. From what i have heard and seen of MCBans, it is not very effective, due to anybody being able to add someone. as i said earlier, they could add me - then i would be banned from my own server!
  6. mcban is effective. And you can give yourself a permission so you can't get banned using MCBans.
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  7. It's sort of like MCBans BUT you have to be a verified server owner (Using /mcsa secret <random generated key>) to post visible infractions/bans on a player.
    Plus, only verified server owners can see the bans/infractions.
    MCSA does not auto ban anyone. Just flags their username when they join.
  8. It's Java programming, We need someone to help develop the plugin side of things, You will need to be able to write the plugin to send and collect data (Blocks broken, player count, items crafted, players kicked/banned and whatnot) to our VPS. Haribo98 will then have that data displayed on our web interface.
  9. Basically,
    When a player is reported /mcsa report <Player> [Reason] it is sent to the VPS, The plugin then downloads the data from the VPS and stores it locally on the MC server. The plugin then checks each player login and if a user is reported (Will have data in the local DB) it will flag a message to any online users with the permission mcsa.view.reported
    It will also log it to the console, and to a file called

    Will look something like this: (Obviously the colours will be accurate)
    WARNING: <Player> has been reported for:
    <Report 1>
    <Report 2>
    <Report 3>
    <Report 4>
    Page 1/? | Type /mcsa report 2 to view the next page.
    <Report 5>
    Reported by:
    <Server 1>
    <Server 2>
    <Server 3>
    Page 2/3 | Type /mcsa report 2 to view the next page.
    <Server 4>
    <Server 5>
    End of report.

    When a user is banned, it automatically sends a report to the VPS and the report reason is the ban reason.
    You can also manually add reports on the web interface.
  10. Wow... in that case this will be a truly useful plugin to universally ban bad members.

    One thing, could you add a compatibility with buycraft where it bans people who chargeback, hence denying them from many fun servers?
  11. That's a good idea ( Haribo98 )
    We're implementing a feature for premium users to integrate BuyCraft with their server page on our server list.

    Perks for premium:
    Bump server every 6 hours instead of 24
    Integrate BuyCraft with their server page
    Allowed to use HTML in server descriptions compared to BB code as standard.
    Can set up to 6 IP's for that server page compared to 1 as a standard member. (Incase you have a server network like myself and you don't want to multipost)
    Unlimited Images on server page.
    More coming...
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  12. This premium is looking more and more interesting xD...

    One last question, will it allow us to upload custom pictures with the server info on?
    Just agree/disagree to the post if you like as an awnser, dont want to fill it up with unnececcary messages.
  13. I'd prefer to explain,
    Premium members can have unlimited images on their server pages, Normal members can have 4 and a YouTube video. And if you mean a 468x60 banner then Yes :) GIF's supported.

    Premium is only $1.99/month (When in beta)
  14. XD 3VIL M0NKEY It looks really cool, I can't wait till it is completed/stable.
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  15. Thanks for the support guys, We're hard at work with the plugin, We are estimating the plugin will be done towards May.
    If you want to sign up your servers and see the Alpha stats logging, feel free :)
  16. Just as a rough guide for you, i would probably be willing to pay £5 at maximum for premium (per month). I think most other people would probably have the same sort of opinion.
  17. Haha, That's what we were planning when we release officially. Open Beta will be 1.29 GBP (I don;t have a pound sign as my keyboard is American)
    Official release will be 4.99GBP/month
  18. A good price ;).
    Just a suggestion, do a 3 day trial (and rollback changes if they dont buy it), because i as a customer would like to know what kind of things i could be getting for my money.

    Sure, you can put a info page about it, however its never the same like actually trying it out yourself.

    Just giving you my opinions as a user or potential user of the plugin.
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