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  1. I generally try to avoid looking at the news. I'm easily effected by the constant negativity and feelings of helplessness by not being able to do anything about what media is reporting. While i generally am a bit under-informed this very personal decision to avoid the news greatly increases my mental health. I guess i knew things were getting serious when even that didn't stop me from hearing about the virus. Like many of you, i started hearing about all the panic buying, school and businesses closing. and all the reminders to wash your hands. I have to admit, at first i was pretty scared.

    Thankfully though i have wonderful people in my life that shared with me news that was informative, that help me see that i wasn't helpless. There were things i could do about it. That while i should be cautious and careful i didn't need to be scared.

    Quoting what was shared before "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how I react to it"
    This was so true for me. The reality of what is happening hasn't changed but how it effects me has.
    This was especially well timed as on top of the virus a earthquake occurred on Wednesday.

    As i fight to stay positive and not overwhelmed I've tried to remember all the good things i do have, and i hope others are able to do the same.
  2. I'm an introvert basically if I'm alone i feel the best
  3. joehot200


    I think the very interesting contrast of people in my Uni is:
    • People who give ALL the f*cks and panic, and...
    • People who give NO f*cks and go on nights out, etc.
    Almost nobody struck a middle ground, meaning you'd get people going out, and then other people freaking out about coming into contact with people who'd gone out.

    For the people who are already panicking, the university sent out some very stern and worry-causing emails pressuring people to get out of accomodation. I know of many people who have been pressured into going back into their families: for example, one girl I know has felt forced out of her accomodation, back into a home situation with a crazy mother and without a room to even stay in. Others have felt forced back to elderly, vulnerable family members - this could kill people.

    For me personally, it has been a really busy and stressful week of packing my own stuff, while also having to deal with panicking people who are doing stupid things (such as washing their hands so much they have dry, cracked skin... great for bacteria!).

    What I am saying is that it is not coronavirus that scares me, it is people's reaction to it. People who are panic-buying in stores, people who are losing their minds and scaring other people, and institutions (such as my university) who are making decisions based upon panic rather than the best interests of the people they are responsible for.

    TL;DR - People and institutions are harming others by being irrational or selfish, with this behaviour being brought on by what is often unnecessary panic - and, while I don't wish to sound alarmist, I would like to suggest that this is causing unnecessary harm, and possibly even death.
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  4. People are very wild. By "People" I mean the crazy ones, The "Karen(s)". That over react.
    Yea, I've heard of people taking most of the water and toilet paper.
    but let us not forget the ones that take advantage now and later sell that toilet paper+ Water more expensive later.
    I'm informed, and do know that the news overreacts.
    There is Companies that help you and companies that will not. Today I myself got a message from my phone service for 20gbs of Wifi for 1 month.
    So, this is the time you will see were some of the good ones lie.
    I do work with "Actions are Stronger than words."

    Anyways, for anyone reading... Stay Safe, And take Care!
    Also, we might be in out homes for a bit but watch out with the darkness(Depression). ;)
    not happened to me, but some of us might be stuck with family or friends, and going to learn how well we get along.
  5. Choco


    This is what I fear most and have been seeing throughout the world. Particularly in The USA. I'm on the northern side of the border up in Canada but from here I'm watching at a safe distance. I see people complaining constantly about being told to hunker down and remain in isolation for their own safety and that of others. Of course I can understand why nobody would want to be told "Stay inside and do nothing for a few weeks", though it's a common sight to see the American side fail to accomplish what the European and Asian sides have done quite well. Listening to their government officials. Anything from "but my first amendment rights!" to "this is a free country! you can't tell me what to do!" and it's thoughts like that which harm not themselves but rather those around them.

    I continue to watch from Canada and see a small, vocal minority of the US' failure to take this situation seriously, but I fear that as a result, this pandemic isn't going anywhere any time soon. Nobody is going to listen until it takes someone they love. Only then will they complain that the government didn't do enough to warn them.

    I work in retail and I have to tell you, it's terrifying. The amount of times I'm asked "Do you guys have any toilet paper left?" or "Is there any more hand sanitizer" is frightening. I've had co-workers get yelled at for something they cannot possibly control and it just makes me wonder if "Remember The Human" applies at all even when face to face. I see first hand the crippling effect it's had on a community that's not yet been affected.

    For now, until further notice from the government, we're obliged to stay open as we're an essential service. I'm concerned because I'm forced to interact with people on a daily basis and while yes, it may not affect me and I'm more than likely going to recover easily, I'm more concerned about those around me. I work closely with a friend who has a young child at home and a significant other with respiratory problems who may struggle with COVID-19 more than I would. The thought that I could unknowingly spread it to them is what bothers me the most.

    @OP well written, it's nice to see your thoughts again on a public medium. A really nice read
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  6. Interesting. Your view on the first amendment to our constitution caught my eye. That amendment is something that I am thankful for and take very seriously. Maybe somewhere else we can discuss this and perhaps come to an agreement since it wouldn't be compatible with this thread.

    In the USA, there are a quite a number of people who believe that the government should be more involved in our lives and then there's quite a number of other people who believe that the government should stay out as much as possible. My stance on the issue is that government should stay out as much as possible, but address the issue and ensure that people aren't trying to harm others. I don't mind if someone wants to get sick, but if they try to get me sick, then that's when I believe government i.e. law enforcement should step in. At the moment, I don't need society to take care of me; I can take care of myself while still being courteous to others. You can't stop everyone from spreading it, so it's better to protect yourself.
  7. I am also not afraid of the new coronavirus covid-19. The media is exaggerating the situation. The virus isn't as dangerous as media describes it. Don't get me wrong, it is dangerous, however it isn't as much. The society is scared and the gonverments are trying to stabilize the situation, but they can't do much.

    This night my country's gonverment approved some texts for a law which are under very big comment when the country is considered in 'extraordinary' state. There are checkpoints at each city - where you leave, and where you get in and that the army can get on the streets if the gonverment thinks it is good (nobody has trust of the gonverment). We're still at the very under of the charts in european countries, with 127 cases of the virus, 1 recovered and 3 dead.
  8. Legoman99573


    This hits home as well and the virus has started affecting more younger people in the US because people are going out to bars and the beaches (mostly because spring break is around this time) and probably see more younger people contracting the virus because they usually pull the "its just the flu, its no big deal" card. That card has played well soo far as now at home, 2 people tested positive at my local hospital and there is 87 pending tests still underway.

    For anyone in the US that wants to see the percentage per age can check this out as its pretty reliable and not those conspiracy theorist groups that spread fear of it. This info from CDC is for educational purposes and may help the uneducated or the "its just the flu" type people make right decisions as you may never show symptoms, but you can cause anyone in your family that is elderly, people with other health conditions, and anyone with weak immune systems to catch it easily and that is not a good thing.
  9. All this is just the beginning, the most difficult time has not come, I sincerely wish you all can be healthy.

    For a citizen of Wuhan, China, I haven't been out for three months. So I can understand everyone's complaints.

    But I hope people in other places can fight the virus just like us. Viruses have no national boundaries, but love also has no national boundaries. Wish you all the best!

    If possible, use masks. The virus is far more terrifying than the media has described. It has a strong infectious ability and a long incubation period (the median is about 10 days).

    If we don't pay attention to prevention, the crowd will still gather. It's only a matter of time before the outbreak is complete. When the medical resources are sufficient, the mortality rate is about 1-2%. If the medical resources are run out, the mortality rate will be more than 10%.

    In any case, don't take it lightly for the safety of yourself and your family. The best defense is not to go to crowded places and use masks.
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  10. Greetings Humans! I come in peace! *Love you all* Especially the creator and helpers of Spigot! :) *hugs* --Life didn’t prove to be dangerous because it is, but because people believed it was.-- Mixed up my tenses on purpose to make a point.
  11. While I do agree that the pollution lessened by the virus is good, the waste from people over buying goods will be far greater (i.e. toilet paper) unfortunately.
  12. Why can't people just go into the shower and wipe themselves in there instead of hogging up toilet paper? It won't hurt.
  13. MiniDigger


    Just because ppl buy more doesn't mean ppl use more.
    And even if everybody started throwing out a roll of toilet paper every day, that's still nothing compared to the environmental impact of not using planes or not using ships. Like, since the metaranian see is empty, dolphins are showing up at the coast again. In China NOx levels lowered to pretty much nothing, it's noticeable in europe too, check this page for nice animations

    What is interesting to me is that we can live without this and we should all reconsider the usage of stuff like planes, cars and ships as means of transportation, especially for in country buisness trips. We can replace those trips with a video call now, why can't we after the virus? (And why couldn't we before it...)
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  14. I can relate to the Soapboxxing, Michael. Sometimes more needs to be said in order for it to be said right.

    I'm from Canada, just east of Toronto. At this time we have 839 cases with 13 deaths among 37.6 million Canadians. I live in a larger city but even here, we aren't very densely populated so keeping that 2m "social distancing" is easy most of the time. Like you I'm not afraid of the virus itself. I've done my research into it, know which parts of the news are to calm viewers and which parts should be wholly ignored. The impact here is less than in other countries, especially those not a well off or with denser population distribution. But walking into the restaurant where I work and seeing dining room closed, open only to takeout, delivery and Drive-Thru's shocking.

    I believe you described it as "sparkling isolation" or self-isolation, what they have been calling here as "Social Distancing". I'm curious, what has it been dubbed elsewhere? What has the term been given in other countries?
  15. Holy crap thats amazing, thanks for the info.
  16. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    The sparkling isolation was a joke about how Champagne is only Champagne if it comes from Champagne, France, otherwise its just sparkling wine.

    Social distancing is the main term here to describe keeping away from other people also
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  17. I think this was exactly what I wanted to say. Now is not the first time this has happened - others have observed that we do this about once every hundred years. Yes, I am afraid for my mother - she is elderly. I do not think quarantining her and everyone to their homes is the right solution. For herself, she would be doing this anyways. She simply needs to reduce her intake of alcohol and sugar, and increase her intake of vitamins A, C and D. Other dietary adjustments are probably recommended. Sunlight produces immediately bio-assimilable (usable) vitamin D. Physical activity is imperative. However, she is going to contract it eventually. We all will. Don't wait to find out if you'll be lucky; if you're vulnerable, get healthy now, so you can get immune later. In two years, we will all be either immune or dead no matter what we do in that time.

    Humans need to be free, and though we differ on our ability to respect that freedom, they will have it. People will travel. A military presence will only spread the contagion by adding hosts. How do you detain someone from 1.5 metres away? Yet, this crisis will be used to benefit them. You don't see any more protests in France, Hong Kong or anywhere else - and I feel that MD_5's message of "Remember the Human" will resonate with us more as excuses to keep people segregated in our homes continue to be found.
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  18. I've been out of the MC dev scene for at least a year now. I'll make a post. I feel like its a good thing to remember humans.
  19. TeamBergerhealer


    I'm blessed by no longer being a student and being a loner, so the impact it has had on me has been mild thankfully. I'm in my second week working from home. For context, I work for a company in the Netherlands where we develop camera software solutions for security, healthcare and miscellaneous computer vision projects, so for me this has been perfectly doable. Every day we end it at 4 pm with a group call where we discuss the problems we are dealing with and what we're all doing. It's been enjoyable, but I'm happy that I'm more productive than I expected to be when there's so many distractions...

    I go out of my house once a week to get groceries, but when I see the quarantines and lockdowns happening in neighbouring countries, I feel like I should stock up on food to last me for longer than a week. In any case, I got enough long-lasting snacks stocked up to hold it out for a week or 2, maybe 3.

    One of our coworkers is stuck in Spain when she went on holiday there (we warned her), but will hopefully get back into the Netherlands tomorrow. She spent most of her time stuck in a hotel room, with very strict times when she could buy some food in a local supermarket. She's not scared, but very happy to return.

    I follow the news closely and have followed it since January. Thanks to this I had the wits to prepare early february, which meant I didn't have to join the rush that happened early march nationwide when everybody emptied the toiletpaper shelves :p At the time I was seriously annoyed by everyone celebrating Carnival late February, and just as expected we have a huge number of Covid-19 cases in young people thanks to this stunt. It honestly feels like a "I told you so", but whatever, it's too late now. I'm not a party person, so I just can't relate to all the "let's go party dude" people out there, which seem to be a majority.

    I witness a lot of people seemingly bored, with nothing to do, while for me it's quite the opposite. I got my personal projects going on and a never-ending feed of entertainment content. I hope everybody can find themselves in these hard times, developing some hobbies or overcome their addiction to social exposure. Marriages will be tested, or will bloom. It's going to be a long road ahead of us, but I think we can make it.
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