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  1. Things will return to normal, eventually. Humans seem to have collective amnesia about events, and while this one is globally significant and may take some time to rebound from, it will be your grandpa story years from now. "Sonny lemme tell you 'bout back in 0-20, I survivilated the Great Covid Crisis! You kids these days don't know what it's like to struggle for frozen pot pies and toilet paper."

    Like World Wars and the Great Depression of the past, society doesn't end, and in some cases, for a few years at least, maybe the world will improve slightly. But have no fear, in short time we'll all return to our self-important, reality-TV obsessed, [insert modern societal rant here] lives.

    Honestly, I just wish I could freeze this moment. Revel in it a bit, whether you're religious or scientific, take a moment to realize how fragile it all is, and for most of us that have the privilege to have internet, play Minecraft and be part of this community, how WELL we've had it. So take a quiet moment, notice how clear the sky is without all the plane traffic, how quiet the air is with less cars... it's like Thanos snapped his fingers. It's NOT The Apocalypse but now maybe, you've got a real sense of what that could be like. So honestly, just soak this all up. It's an experience, hopefully one the world can learn from... but, the cynic in me says, not likely.
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  2. A few months ago, I worked on an assignment about the Spanish flu, I remember thinking to myself "I wonder what it's like to live at such times". Now I understand how, I wouldn't say hard, different it is from what I am used to. I can't visit friends or go outside (except for when it is essential). Though, I am not scared of the Coronavirus.
    Fortunately, there is only 1 person killed by the virus in my country, and the hospitals and medical staff seem to be handling the situation for now.
    I hope that the virus won't bring results any similar to what had happened in 1917.

    Stay healty and safe.

    ~ Robert
  3.'s sorry to hear that your situations are so bad.............,It is as terrible as china was in January, but luckily we are getting finishing. As some people said,china might ask every province to support an european country,like serbia pakistan Italy and spain.China has already return to work.And medical staff who were sent to wuhan has returned their hometown or hospital.
    Anyhow I want to all of you guys please stay at home don't go to the crowded places if you have to buy something to eat or drink,You must wear your masks, I know some people will not get masks,and can't afford the cost of treatment,so as possible as you can to stay at home and dont meet anyone,if you really really want to meet your some friends,pls meet on phone or computer.The virus is very very highly infections,In china someone even just didnt change his mask for a week,all of his family and he has confirmed.Just think you're saving the world!The less people you meet the less numbers will increase.
  4. From the data of now I hope it will not too........but it seems impossible,because i saw many people do not attach important to it......the virus itself is not scary,but if you do not attach important to it, you will get punished
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  5. May be that came out wrong?
    You should be very scared, if not for yourself, then for your friends and relatives.
    The virus does not choose an individual.

    Sooner or later, everyone will contract this virus and pass it on, whether they are aware of the process or not!

    Until there is a proven vaccine, everyone is at risk of contamination!
    Don't think that you can hide from it, for any reason.

    The best you can do is to follow the official guidelines, and consider how you could be infected, and take appropriate action to prevent the passing of the virus to yourself and other parties who may come into contact with you. Citation
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  6. yes you're right,so for your friends your relatives ,plz protect yourself
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  7. I had a rather terrible week to be honest, and I went back to this thread and read through a bunch of these stories, experiences, opinions. Rather wholesome. Thanks again everybody for reminding us what community is about, even if we don't know each other offline. Remember you can be like this outside a pandemic as well.
  8. MineCove


    I like this post and hope to see more of them in the future, remember the human is right. Sometimes I notice the conversations we have on Spigot are ice cold. Posts like this seem much more human and allow people to openly express themselves :D
  9. First of all, this was quite a nice read and I really like the idea behind it, so following below is my participation:

    The current crisis brought quite it's own flavor of experiences into my life as I have to say.
    In my daily life, I am working in the IT department of a German authority in the middle of Berlin and I am also enrolled in university, which to be fair didn't receive as much attention in the last two years as it should have.
    While my daily routine itself hasn't changed much (yet), I definitely can feel all the differences around me.

    One of the most important things to me is my relationship. While I am living in Germany, my girlfriend is living in England. Under normal circumstances we were able to see each other at least once a month / once every two months. Now due to the whole lockdown scenario and telling by the forecasts, we may not be able to see each other for the next 3 months, half a year, one year, two years - whomever you may believe in how long this lockdown is going to last. The only thing we are able to do currently, is talking via teamspeak, playing games together and maybe exchanging a good-morning selfie. That's it, but not all. Of course, seeing how long all of this may last, you will eventually start getting into an argument over something or even end up in a fight over chat.
    If I can say one thing: even without being infected by the virus itself, it is starting to infect and -have effect- on my relationship, just because of all the things coming with it.

    Now while this is already something I'm not really happy about, I've just been told great news about my workplace too:
    If it comes down to it, all -non required- personal of the authority will be send to work in home office, while everyone that plays a vital role in keeping up the infrastructure (which includes me), will be barracked into the building into different rooms and will be supplied with most necessary stuff from the outside - so basically putting the whole building under lockdown, with people in it that keep it running.

    One can imagine how all of this affects my personal life and I can only start to imagine how it affects those that may not have the privilege of living in a house with a stocked up pantry (even before the crisis), owning a car and therefore not needing to use public transports and working on your own private desk (currently my own private room) and being supplied with masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and most importantly - toilet paper - by your employer. In these times all of these sound like luxuries, while in reality it just shows how fragile our society really is, that something out of our daily life that we see as given, something simple as toilet paper, suddenly becomes a trading good.

    As a final sentence, I would like to add that I found and still find it disgusting how media / news just absorbs all of this as a big financial campaign, while sharing fake news, false informations and most important - fear.

    Please, to anyone who really wants to stay informed - rely on official informations from sources that don't make their money with that (and no, your favorite YouTuber or WhatsApp group is NOT a good source).
    Since it became "officially" known as a pandemic, I was reading every single Situation Update published by WHO and made myself an own image. Whatever (hopefully reliable) source you will use, please use common sense and make yourself an own image as well.

    That is all from my side, about the current situation.
    You all, stay safe and healthy out there.
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  10. I don't often take a look at Spigot's home page (probably explains why I'm a little late), but found this thread, and can I just say, I don't think I've been happier to see a lot of us respond appropriately to it. When this all started unravelling in January, even a single mention of this virus would make me freeze up and very much end up on the verge of fainting, because when it comes to diseases, my greatest fear is the unknown, and the media overhyping it all had an awful effect too.

    Thankfully, since then, I've been able to cope better and because I'm more informed on it now, and I recovered from that fear at a perfect time when it started getting quickly worse for us in the UK, and I even ended up being unlucky enough to be one of the first areas to be hit heavily, although I've managed to somehow avoid it... so far. (Roughly two weeks ago, I had already convinced myself I had the virus already, but I haven't shown any symptoms, so either I'm clear or asymptomatic, in which case shows why it's important to maintain social distancing)

    Whilst I am one of those who is moderately worried (all of us in my close family have asthma, but it's not bad enough for us to be considered high-risk especially - though I'd rather be safe than sorry), I'm not one of the people who would go hoarding toilet paper, because I don't see the point in it; that is just irrational and unreasonable fear that most likely stemmed from media itself or even social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Reddit.

    What I do love about this post is that just remembering the human as MD/Michael said - even after this all blows over, it is definitely an important skill to have, especially since we all have our own stories to tell which we can't read right away when we meet someone (maybe they've had a bad day? Stressed out? Just lost someone close?) - if we even just treat each other as we wish to be treated rather than all the finger-pointing and stigma surrounding this pandemic, I'm sure it can help improve our own mental health, because then you know you've done something positive for that person, maybe even made their day, thus making you feel good about yourself. It's definitely important right now, especially whilst we're all quarantined, isolated and probably just plain miserable in general.

    Alright I'm gonna shut up there, best of health to you lot and stay safe!

    Edit: cat video for those who need it
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  11. People, please:

    1. Even if you feel good and think that you have immunity, stay at home all the same. Do not stick your nose out into the street. You can be a carrier of the virus. Do not allow yourself to infect others!
    2. If you feel bad, seek medical advice immediately. Do not play with fire!
    3. If you are unable to get medical help, drink more water and sleep more. The body gradually develops immunity to the disease, but it takes time.

    Good luck everyone! Be healthy!
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  12. I'd been thinking about it for a long time but I never knew how to talk about it.

    It's true that we all have our story and no one knows it online.

    Congratulations on that handsome fellow, Michael.
  13. Well, I kinda lost my job because of coronavirus. :|
  14. This should be taken positively. Now you have the opportunity to find a better job:)
  15. not in my country tho.
  16. Yes you are an optimist! :)

    Pessimist: “It can’t get any worse”
    Optimist: “No. Can"
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  17. You can ask an Employment center about this. But we can't comment here on anything about the legality of that.

    In the UK most jobs have been protected by government measures.
    I agree, it is often hard to leave a job, but once you get a new job, you could be a lot happier.

    Your loyalty to a company often does not make any difference to the hard hearted bastards. (I have been there a few times!)
    It's tough, but often it is a change for the better.
  18. Hope everyone is staying home and is safe! :)

  19. I hate the coronavirus, thanks for the info.
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