MD's Soapbox — COVID-19: Remember the Human

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  1. Gotta love those zoom classes and raiding them :0
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    Still not convinced that you aren't a dog.
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  4. Stay safe guys
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  5. DEFO REMEBER THE HUMAN Thanks for the info tho
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  6. I'm lucky enough to have a job that is considered critical during the pandemic (administrative position in a research hospital), and my wife is able to work remotely for the local university. We have stable jobs and no threat to our current income. Many people can't say that right now. It's frightening how many people have no support structure in the US. I have friends and relatives who are without work or otherwise at risk. I wish we had better social safety nets but there seems to be no willingness to mirror the support or benefits provided in other more progressive countries. We are remembering to support our local businesses, and for god's sake if you can afford to tip a delivery or service worker right now it is downright criminal for you not to do so.

    As work slows down and I find myself with time on my hands I have spent a lot of time screwing around in Minecraft because it's not stressful - it's not unsafe - and it "feels" like getting outside and going someplace. Thanks to the Spigot server my son has been able to keep interacting with his friends to some extent. Online gaming is really the only way kids his age are able to connect - the play date has become an online version, anything with in-game chat is welcome and for the ones that don't support it he uses video chat on his phone. Our Spigot server was set up for him and I to play for fun, we have literally spent years exploring and building in our private world. He has had friends over to play, and we have let them join locally to see his world. For the first time ever I opened the server to the internet, whitelisting a small number of people who he missed, and they have connected to play with him for sometimes hours at a time. I bought a Minecraft account for my sister, who is struggling with little income and 4 kids. My son has enjoyed letting his cousin join in his world, even though she is 10 hours away... and she and her 3 siblings have taken turns playing locally while the others work on school work. My sister said that it has helped save her sanity to have something to distract them all!

    Anyone who thinks that video games are a waste of time or pointless, or who thinks that a virtual community is not as important as a "real" one is not understanding how critical these seemingly trivial connections can be when so much of our normal routine is shut down. It may be stupid but the welcome messages on the Minecraft loading screen make me smile every time, reminders to wash my hands or support elderly relatives. It's a nice touch.

    The reality is that MOST of us will come through this one way or another. I sincerely hope that MOST of us will be OK. But for that to happen, ALL of us have to work together - not physically, but mentally! - for the greater good. And ALL of us will be impacted, in large and small ways, and likely for a long time to come. And to keep our sanity, ALL of us need breaks from reality and ALL of us need some semblance of normalcy now and then to remind us of what we miss and encourage us to see the brighter future ahead of the current dark times. Thanks for helping make a silly made-up randomly generated world part of my support structure.

    Be well, everyone, and stay safe.
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