Spigot Media Menu 2.0

A Gui menu for media

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    Media Menu - A Gui menu for media

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  2. Could you add some photos or videos?
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  3. I like it!
    Will this ever be open source?
  4. very nice! Good that's its free full of features, you should be able to customize the block found in /media. And maybe add custom commands
  5. Please pictures because i can't see it in school.
  6. Please add pictures.
  7. For Youtube it doesn't show subscribers or amount of videos. I'm running on 1.8.7 It just shows N/A. Twitch works fine. I tried other Youtubers and still nothing. It shows the head and its the correct link.
  8. Feature Request:
    *Staff Menu
    [Staff Name]
    Rank -
    Online Status - Online/Offline
    Last Seen - Currently Online/Last Seen at ------------
  9. Can you add screenshots? People like me are too lazy for video watching :p
  10. A screenshot would be pointless because i wouldn't really show what the plugin can do unless it was a plugin that is aesthetic.
  11. Also, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
  12. If you just screenshot the GUI, I bet your downloads would double. People like me don't want to "test" plugins on our live servers without knowing exactly what it does and looks like. But anyways, it's your plugin, your choice. I'll watch the video.
  13. Can you upload this project into github please?
  14. It Would AWESOME If You Could Have MySQL Compatibility So That If A New Streamer/Youtuber Is Added Then The Staff Won't Have To Do The Same Command On ALL The Other Servers
    Please Add This
  15. Plugins is awesome, except one thing...:
    in the youtubers section:
    my friend has a youtube channel with www.youtube.com/user/AmazingSpike and it works for him just fine.
    But for me: www.youtube.com/c/DE_RIENplays it doesn't want to work...
    Any fixes???
  16. 90284

    90284 Guest

    Any fix to the link for youTubers?

    YouTube updated and now the new channel links are: youtube.com/channel/

    Where the plugin puts: youtube.com/user

    Any fix?

    Great plugin otherwise.
  17. Hi! Need help...whay is the plugin not updating my status on twitch and is it posible to make it poast an message when i go life?

    rgards Mihion