Medieval Land

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  1. Hi, I would like to know the price of a game mode

    >> For now MedievalLand name can change
    >> thoughts upon entering a menu habrirĂ¡ to you and you can choose a character which develop eg Norse (Viking), Guerrero, Mago, Tamer
    Each "roll", which levels will get improvements example in Guerrero is also the ram Archer 80 level which gives you a crossbow.
    In there will be difficulties with dragons and castles habandonados, there will be challenges and can tame dragons with these challenges, you'll get from a home to an empire
    to save beasts and dragons anti catapults, having your own army, there will be no enemies villages as mercenaries and orcs. Also ogres in the villages are castles
    guards soldiers, kings and merchants the economy will be the archivaras currencies which in your inventory, the gameplay is completely without Mods, designed to avoid lag but with use of texture
    pack entering is automatically put you, the mobs will artificial intelligence that is reacting to the sound, it will be exclusive to the version 1.8, there will be Celtic music while playing background
    in your empire you can shape it alone or accompanied, the web will be a general map and leave the major cities and you can declare to war.

    Luck on your adventure!