1.8.8 Melon/Pumpkin stem direction

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  1. Hello, how would I set the facing direction of a melon stem?
    I’ve read via nbt but how would I do this when I only have the location?

  2. Make sure to validate it's a melon stem :)

    Code (Java):
            Location l; /* Your location */
            Block b = l.getBlock();
            MaterialData d = b.getState().getData();
            Directional e = (Directional) d;
  3. I didn’t think about that! Thank you!
  4. Sorry to bother again, but I did what you said and I'm getting this error, I tried finding out but I can't:

  5. try just using block.getState()
  6. Doesn't work either, I'm still getting a ClassCastException...
    We can maybe only do it through nbt
  7. FrostedSnowman

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    There is no such implementation for the stem- only setting the age. You can either make a feature request for this or manually change it yourself using nbt
  8. How would I do it via nbt ?
  9. FrostedSnowman

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    You'll need to get the nms block
  10. FrostedSnowman

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    Second thought, you should just be able to manipulate the nms block data without touching nbt directly
  11. There's the updateShape method in BlockStem it might be the method for it or not. Do you have any idea ?