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  1. Hello all, so I'm trying to determine why my server is using so much memory. Whilst i know this is a very common issue with minecraft servers , it just seems like this is abnormally high.

    Once the server has loaded, the server will be consuming around 10-12GBs of ram and then ti will gradually increase throughout the day untill it has reached somewhere aroudn 20Gbs at which point our auto-restarter kicks in.

    I'm almost positive there's a leak or something that is just consuming more an more ram as players join but I cannot figure out what. Is there away to see exactly what plugins are using what %/MB/GB of ram? or what method is using the ram? or something like this?

    I've tried using certain softwares that look at heapdumps but it just shows things that make no sense to me. By that it will show: Object[] using 6124342626 memory and I mean...there's 1000s of Object[]s no doubt when we're using 20 or so plugins.. =s
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    Please post the plugins you're using, a timing of your server (/timing) and the the heap dump that you were using.
  3. Why are you even restarting the server when a certain amount of memory is used? What parameters are you feeding the Java command?