Memory Leak 1.5.2

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  1. Hello guys, I just got the latest Spigot 1.5.2 (#964), but I think i'm dealing with a memory leak problem. My VPS has 10~20 players online, 4GB Ram, hosted on LowHop. I dont know where to start looking

    It's consuming 100% of the Memory after 2 hours Online!

    Plugins List:
    Worldedit, SimpleClans2, Vault, MobileTools, Multiverse-Core, PermissionEX, CreeperControl, SignColors, WorldGuard, MineResetLite, iConomy, ControlTPA, Announcer, Citizens, Kitplugin, ChatManager, OtherDrops, Multiverse-Portals, EndlessEnchant, NullTerrain, mcMMO, Residence, Multiverse-Inventories, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, dtlTraders, AuthMe, CompatNoCheatPlus, NoCheatPlus

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    Why not upgrade to 1.6.2?
  3. Cracked.

  4. There's plenty of 1.6.2 cracked clients, what's your point?

    The problem here it's not spitgot itself, a plugin is cousing this... I was using bukkit recommended build (1.5.2) before, that's why I'm not going to upgrade to 1.6.2
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  5. Much easier for owners to stay 1.5 then lose players. Just think, most cracked players are 9 and don't know what they are doing.
  6. joehot200


    I would have 50+ players online at this time with 1.5, now i have barely 30.

    Maybe i should downgrade....
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    Downgrading would only piss off players, cause a plethora of problems due to having the new blocks placed in the world and chaos*.

    * Adolescents crying their eyes out due to losing their horsey.
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