Solved Memory leak issue (Closed but not resolved)

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  1. I've been running my server for a few months now, no issues at all, but recently, (1-2 weeks ago), I've gotten some trouble with memory rising.

    After a server restart, it starts at 37% memory, then goes up 1% every 2-6 minutes (Even without players, just me afking) And once it hits ~90%, it times out the server. It makes the server unplayable, and I have to constantly restart the server every hour or so, in order for people to be able to play without being timed out from a memory issue.

    This is what i've tried:
    1. Creating a heapdump and tried Eclipse Memory analyzer and VisualVM to check for memory leaks
    2. Disabling worlds, (Only keep World/Nether/End)
    3. Updating every plugin
    4. Disabling multiple plugins
    5. Looked online for the solution

    If anyone has suggestions for what to try to fix this, please let me know. :)


    Old stats (Before this issue):

    Total RAM: 6 GB
    Plugins: 60
    Players: 15
    CPU: 40%
    Memory: 40-50% (Steady)
    Server timeout-kicks in a month: 0

    New stats (Current issue):
    Total RAM: 6 GB
    Plugins: 60
    Players: 0
    CPU: 30%
    Memory: 37% , then goes up 1% every 2-4 minutes untill it reaches 90% and times out)

    Server timeouts in a month:
    If server isn't restarted: Once it hits 90%, the players will be kicked every 4-5 minutes or so upon logging in so (8640 kicks in a month if the server never was to be restarted)

    If server is constantly restarting to fix it: I get around an hour before I have to restart the server

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  2. Using FeatherBoard ? Give some information about server version, plugins etc if you expect help instead of arrogant asking people to not use your post to bump their post counts.
  3. Yes im using featherboard,
    And its not arrogant, as literally in every post theres always replies like "Google it dumbass" or "look at the forums"
  4. Try removing FeatherBoard and see if that solves your problem. And get back to me if that is the cause of your problem.
  5. Didn't make a difference.
    It only made the memory start at a lower %, but it still keeps raising.
  6. You still haven't posted anything about server version and plugins....
  7. Well its the latest spigot, got normal plugins every towny server has, like Towny, Essentials, Crates, Galistener/votifier, Clearlag, guishop, multiverse LWC mcmmo, vault, jobs, automessages, citizens, and some others like MyhthicDrops, Pvpmanager, leaderheads, voxelsniper, chatcontrol, wolrdborder, firstjoinplus, featherboard, supertrails.