Memory leak - Reward guaranteed

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  1. Server is having memory leak that leads to crashing.
    • Average players ~ 15-40
    • Server has 4GB RAM.

    Heap Dump
    ( will send this privately )

    If you need more information about plugins, server to find out the problem, feel free to write about it. I will provide the needed information.
    Any suggestions to fix this are heard!
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  2. We've had these plugins for months and everything was fine. We encountered with memory leak recently.
  3. Another plugin could be the cause but its package is obfuscated so difficult to determine what the plugin is. This "mystery plugin" seems to take a lot of resources when a player disconnects.
    But the plugin and Skript mentioned above should also affect the server. More particularly Mundo, this one seems to affect the server a lot.
  4. Updated with current server plugins if that helps.

    I'm willing to pay money to the person who helps fix this problem.
  5. Contacted. on discord feel free to contact me there I can provide you help & support
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  6. Check what you have recently modified in your server. Also the given information doesn't really help us. Timings doesn't show anything related to RAM usage, only CPU usage. If you want to know for certain what plugin causes a leak, you could hook it up with a java profiler to see what consumes any memory. None the less all I see in your timings report is an almost perfect TPS none the less, I never see it dropping below 19.5. If you do have serious memory leaks and the server does crash after an x amount of time, give us this crash report.
  7. You all just write about the timings although the issue he writes about is a memory leak...
  8. There are no crash reports because the server runs out of memory and starts lagging. We restart before it crashes.
    We have Heap Dump so we are looking for someone who can read it and help us fix this problem.
  9. I'm no expert on heap dumps but I can always give it a shot. Feel free to PM it to me.
  10. If you don't fix it in the next 2,5 hours I'll have a look at it when I'm at home.

    I don't guaranty that I'll find your issue but two more helping eyes may be usefull.
    So just PM me ;)
  11. Put your Head Dump into a Java analyzer such as YourKit.
  12. I don't understand anything from that. That's way I am looking for someone who can look into it and help us fix this. I will pay the person if everyting will be fixed.
  13. Do you have any ideas of when it happens?
  14. The server crashes when it runs out of memory. We are looking for someone who can find out the reason why is it running out of memory. What's the reason because we didn't have this issue previously.
  15. I meant the circumstances before the crash. You could also share us your logs.
  16. Add me on discord, I think I can help you out - Stilled#0513
  17. There are no crash report.