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  1. Hello I am developing a server, which I will do multi-partitions, something similar to what Hypixel did with skyblock, but in another mode and in 1.15.1. Well I intend to purchase a dedicated 32gb from OVH, and intend to put something around 500 players on the server.

    I thought of creating 4 servers where people will play in pre-plugin worlds, and there will only have basic plugins made by me. I thought about allocating to 80 slots something around 5gb. Which would give 4 servers 20gb of use.

    I will also separate spawn into 2 servers of 80 slots, but with less memory, something around 4gb and with basic plugins and the entire spawn zone pre-generated by the plugin as well. Thus would total + 8gb of ram usage.

    And finally Bungee researched and heard that it is not necessary to allocate so much memory, so I thought of allocating from the last 3gb only 2gb leaving a margin of 1gb to spare for the machine.

    Do you think this memory margin allocated to the servers would be good, or should I allocate more or less in some cases? It's worth noting that all plugins are being developed by me, and maps will be pre-generated to avoid map generation lags from new versions. Grateful for everyone's attention, and hope to hear from everyone!

    (Sorry from my english, is too bad!)
  2. I think that you are focusing upon the wrong requirement.
    You need to focus more upon how well the CPU can run for your needs.
    So, many small servers with seperate CPU's would be better.
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    You're trying to allocate too much memory. Leaving 1GB behind for the OS is insufficient and you will see degraded performance as the kernel will have limited room for file cache and will wind up swapping to disk aggressively. At the very least, split up those servers behind two physical servers instead (say, two SkyBlock servers and one lobby server for each machine) of trying to cram it all onto one.
  4. I will try to do something less exaggerated, but I am grateful to receive your opinion!
    This makes a lot of sense, I forget that server is not just about memory.
  5. If you intend to get 500 players on the server, you should take more RAM like 64 GB on your dedicated server.
    In your RAM calculation you forget worlds, but i think it's not necessary because you said it's like skyblock, so skyblock worlds are very small and don't need much RAM.
  6. Yes, I'm planning to get 2 dedicated 32gb on soyoustart, so it will take more CPU usage apart from being able to have more control over memory. Only problem is the memory related issue being DDR3, I think this will not be a mass problem.
  7. DDR4 have better calculation performance, and DDR4 has much higher memory capacities than DDR3.
    So you have to make a choice according to your infrastructure.
  8. wanted to find a good hosting, which sells dedicated 16gb ddr4, with a processor at level i7 6700k and ssd 480. But I'm looking for something at this level for a long time, because if it were the case would take about 3 to 4 of these machines. OVH unfortunately only has 32gb machines, and wanted to try to partition the server CPU usage as much as possible.

    The only problem with buying two 32GB machines from OVH right away is the expense. I realize that the profit you can make back would transform everything by saying "self-sustaining," but anyway. I wanted to spend up to 130 usd with machines initially.
  9. I think you will not find what you want because generally dedicated 16 GB are not DDR4, personally i don't know a good host for you.

    And yes OVH is verry expensive and they don't have the better client service.
  10. What I would try to do is get 2x Intel i7-6700K (4c / 8t) 4GHz 64GB DDR4 2400MHz 1x480GB SSD from soyoustart, most probably wouldn't use all the memory, but financially it's probably the best option. I could even allocate a lot more memory on the servers, but in this case I suppose that per machine would leave about 3 servers. If you behave more servers would be good, but then back to the point that would be forcing even more the CPU.

    I would spend 122 usd on "soyoustart", I even wanted to understand if they really are kind of OVH affiliates.
  11. Yes, i believe it's the best solution for you.

    I think the CPU i enough for your usage.

    To answer you, So You Start is subsidiary company of OVH.
  12. If you manage your game servers by performance, you could put 2 or 3 game servers on each machine.

    However, be aware that the Bungeecord and hence the Lobby will be more prone to connections and attacks from external connections.
  13. Yes I understand.
  14. I suggest starting smaller (target 100 concurrent players maybe) unless you already have some promotion secured by great youtubers or something similar.
  15. I already have direct contact with a Youtuber that takes 300,000 to 1 million views. So very easily let's get a high average.