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  1. I am trying to figure out what is using all the memory on my system, can anyone help?

    My dedicated server has 16gb of ram, and I am currently running a minecraft server @ 4gb, an apache web server, and a teamspeak server.

    It shouldn't be using that much, but I think it is using up to 90% of my resources.

    Here is what I found using top and free:

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  2. 4Gb for minecraft......
    12GB for Apache and Teamspeak.......

    Apache uses virtually no resources.......
    Teamspeak uses virtually no resources.......

    That is your problem.......

    And I would suggest using htop instead. Much easier to read.
  3. Supposedly its just "virtual memory" and my applications are not actually filling all of the ram...

    is this assumption a possible answer?
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  4. No, its not using 90% .. you are reading free output wrong.

    look for the free value after including cache and buffers: 10176MB .. so you have lots of ram that can be used. :D
  5. ^Which is why I like htop. Colors. xD
  6. prplz


    Always read from the -/+ buffers/cache line if you actually want to know what is being used.