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  1. Hi

    What is the best plugin to create a GUI menu; classic ?

  2. Either ChestCommands or DeluxeMenus
    I recommend DeluxeMenus
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  3. Hello,
    I advise you ChestCommands, he is correct.
  4. Where are the differences between CC and DM ?
  5. At the configuration level.
  6. DeluxeMenus is much more customizable and updated.
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  7. ChestCommands is fairly "outdated" imo. DeluxeMenus should be used, it's the best one if you ask me
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  8. I prefer to use chestcommands due to its sinplicity. However, it's outdated and deluxemenus would be the best choice as of now. Deluxemenus provides more features and customizable opportunities through its configuration.
  9. I agree, deluxe menus provides a lot more support for placeholders along with having more configurable options for customisation.
  10. ChestCommands doesn't support placeholders from other plugins