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  1. Developers do not have an access to such a function to manually remove buyers from the buyers list.
  2. Then why am I removed?
  3. Merged mobs that are all killed at once do not drop multiplied XP, how to fix this?
  4. [​IMG]

    @vk2gpz The latest version (11.9.0) has a serious bug! When a monster is spawned, a leash will be generated together.

    I know this sounds very incredible, but the fact is the case. When I removed mergedmob, everything returned to normal.

    If I restart the server, everything is fine, but after some time this problem occurs again unless I delete mergedmob.

    server version: paper 1.12.2


    and all pig have saddle..
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  5. The above problem, I try to use the old version, everything is ok. But the old version have a problem with loot. I hope you can fix the latest version, thank you very much!
  6. MergedMob plugin handles merging of spawned mob. it does not manipluate the mob being spawned.

    We've just tested on our 1.12.2 test server and pigs spawn normally and spider spawner just spawn spder.
  7. Once I have this problem, I'll be normal as soon as I restart the server. However, this problem occurs randomly at a time. Once this problem occurs, all mob that are generated will with a leash.

    I know this is incredible, but once this happens, I uninstall MergeMob will be back to normal(/plugman unload) . I've ruled out almost all plugins and can be sure that this problem comes from MergeMob.
  8. only think I can think of is that at some stage your server start setting equipments data to the mobs being spawned.
  9. @vk2gpz
    I noticed several problems caused by the latest version... It would be a good idea to correct them as soon as possible!
    - I noticed a multiplication of drops with looting 3. Killing a Ghast with a looting 3, gives 3 tears of Ghast which is impossible. Same thing for Withers, Whither Skeletons, etc.
    - I also noticed that since the update, in the "skyworld_nether" world, crowds are no longer aggressive.

    Code (Text):
      - skyworld_nether
    Please fix this as soon as possible.
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  10. I suggest you to check the version you 're using.
  11. Could you please add a merge event like MobMergeEvent for developer?
    I will be looking forward to your reply:)
  12. MergedMob makes all mobs in Nether passive?
  13. No unless you configured your system to do so.
  14. As soon as i removed the plugin the nether was back to normal.

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  15. This plugin is way overpriced, there are better alternatives that are cheaper and free.
  16. can this increase / edit xp drops?