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  1. this is a minor thing really.
    I feel like a lot of developers including myself will benefit from this.

    What is it?
    Well as most of you know the only way a buyer of a resource or anything resource will be notified, is when they are watching the resource. This is bad in some ways because they’ll usually only get alerts about the plugin when it’s updated unless they post in the discussion section.

    I’m proposing an idea which allows premium resource owners to quickly send alert messages about the plugin as pm or some other way idk to buyers instead of having to pm them or update it with the information.
  2. I think @Maximvdw made something similar to this, and is in his resources
  3. md_5

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    So your buyer chooses not to watch your resource but then you want to alert them despite the fact they explicitly chose not to be alerted?
  4. MiniDigger


    no, he wants to send a message without sending a fake update that only contains his message
    maybe auto subscribing to the discussion section of the resource could be a nice solution?
    edit: ew, thinking about this more and I don't think it is, since discussion is way too spammy.
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