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  1. Hello guys, im looking for a free plugin that can edit all your plugin messages like WorldGuard.
  2. I don't think that's a thing.. what are you trying to change, and what to?
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    I know you said free but I am not sure there is a free one.

    If you do decide to spend a couple of bucks take a look at hydra.
  4. @Benz56 yeah and it seems i cant find a free plugin of this sad
  5. @Cha0s__ i want to change the unchangeable messages, like worldguard
  6. Just download the source and edit messages in there and build a customized WG plugin. Do you use Ubuntu? In Ubuntu to build a source just type and type ./gradlew build in command prompt or terminal (use the gradlew.bat file for Windows)......
    EDIT: WG uses Gradle.
    Code (Text):
        // Flags that adjust behaviors that aren't state flags
        public static final StringFlag DENY_MESSAGE = new StringFlag("deny-message",
                "" + ChatColor.RED + ChatColor.BOLD + "Hey!" + ChatColor.GRAY + " Sorry, but you can't %what% here.");
        public static final StringFlag ENTRY_DENY_MESSAGE = new StringFlag("entry-deny-message",
                "" + ChatColor.RED + ChatColor.BOLD + "Hey!" + ChatColor.GRAY + " You are not permitted to enter this area.");
        public static final StringFlag EXIT_DENY_MESSAGE = new StringFlag("exit-deny-message",
                "" + ChatColor.RED + ChatColor.BOLD + "Hey!" + ChatColor.GRAY + " You are not permitted to leave this area.");
        public static final BooleanFlag EXIT_OVERRIDE = new BooleanFlag("exit-override");
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