Spigot MessageAnnouncer 1.12.2

JSON message interval announcements with multiple lines and support for tons of placeholders!

  1. I've got an issue: All my messages are recognized by the plugin, they show up when I enter "/messageannouncer list active" and also on "/messageannouncer list all". However, they are not being broadcast, and even by trying to announce them via "/messageannouncer announce <name>" they don't show up.
    When I "/tellraw" the lines I entered to be announced, they all work fine and are properly formatted.

    Any ideas?

    Here's an example
    Code (Text):
      - ["",{"text":"Hast du schon unser besonderes "},{"text":"Angel-System","color":"gold"},{"text":" ausprobiert?"}]
  2. @SharkROAR you need to put that text in ''


    Code (Text):
      - '["",{"text":"Hast du schon unser besonderes "},{"text":"Angel-System","color":"gold"},{"text":" ausprobiert?"}]'
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  3. Thanks for the help, it was part of the required fixes!
    I also had an apostrophe (as you would use in " don't ") in my text, which lead to the plugin not being able to parse the config.
    After removing the apostrophe and adding the required ones before and after the text it is now working properly.
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  4. Seems that MessageAnnouncer is not compatible with 1.16.2. Waiting for an update!
  5. Please update the version in time Thank you server 1.16.2
  6. I've been using this plugin for a while but I got a problem:
    For some reason my discord link isn't clickable which is really annoying, how can I make my discord invite link a clickable link?
  7. Try to create a new announce manually with the same content, using https://minecraft.tools/en/json_text.php
  8. I love the plugin so far, though it needs to be updated to 1.16.2. Is there a reason it disables on newer versions, or does it just assume it will be incompatible? That assumption seems like it would add extra overhead.
  9. PhanaticD


    update for 1.16.2 plez
  10. Latest update log says 1.12.2 instead of 1.16.2
  11. Please update the plugin does not work in 1.16.2
  12. Just a heads up, the plugin auto updated and erased my config file. Luckily I had a backup of it.
  13. clip


  14. So, I used the json generator website and currently have this:
    - '["",{"text":"=====================================================","color":"light_purple"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Welcome
    to our server! Did you know we have a discord\nserver? Join our discord server
    for the latest news and\nupdates by clicking here:","color":"aqua"},{"text":"

    It looks right to me, it's generated with the website so I assume it's good.
    It actually sends the message in-game, that works all fine, but my console is going crazy Screenshot (455).png
  15. C'è un modo per far partite un annuncio che però esegue un altro comando una volta inviato? ad esempio il CliclEvent ma senza click.
    Es: ["",{"selector":"","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/te add %player% 100"}},{"text":"Hai ricevuto 100 Token(s)","color":"green","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/te add %player% 100"}}] ma senza cliccare, quindi deve far partire il comando /te in automatico.
  16. Is there a way that a message can have a clicable link. IE we have a message that says we have a discord channel but would be great if it could have a link that is clickable vs just the link. Sorry new to all this so it is probably something easy hehe
  17. How would I make it so when the plugin announces a URL, the players can click and open the URL in game? Also how can I use color codes? If these features are not added, please add them :D
  18. Ok, you can do that in a JSON text editor, just need to find out those options.
    Link of my fav page: Click here
  19. how do you add a hyperlink?
  20. Great plugin. Nice works on Paper 1.12.2