Spigot MessageAnnouncer 1.11.0

JSON message interval announcements with multiple lines and support for tons of placeholders!

  1. If I were to put a link on it is it possible for people to click it to copy it?
  2. This plugin deleted the entire config after spending an hour on it! Just because of a simple YAML mistake. Please, make the plugin disable itself gracefully instead of a disastrous config-wipe like this!
    This is so annoying!
    Besides that it's working like a charm :D
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  3. Yes, you can put a JSON button with a link that people can click to either copy it or open directly.
    Code (Text):
    ["",{"text":"My Link","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"www.google.com"}}]
    Putting this in an announcement would generate the text "My Link" and upon being clicked it would prompt the user to either copy, open directly or dismiss. You can create more buttons or other messages by clicking the link below.
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  4. The plugin constantly resetting the config file whenever I add message to the config. This is really annoying. Can you fix it?
  5. no, your just doing it wrong
  6. Could you possibly add a command which toggles the auto-broadcasts? Would be a nice donor perk.
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  7. Is it normal that announces cause low FPS?
  8. OMG no utf 8 support!
  9. This is the best message announcer plugin out there! Can you add Bungee support?
  10. good until you make the slightest little error in the config and the whole plugin wipes.
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  11. clip


  12. is compatible with BungeeCord?
  13. Great plugin, love the use of JSON. Is there a possibility you can add something like /msa ignore for players who want to ignore the auto announcements?
  14. No more update for this plugin?
  15. The plugin lag the main thread !
  16. Is there a way to send send messages to only certain ranks in the game?
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  17. No, maybe using javascript placeholders.
  18. Can we set permission for specific announcements?
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  19. Hola, disculpa como puedo crear anuncions (mensages) perzonalisados JSON, ┬┐me podria explicar detalladamente? por favor. :)