Spigot MessageFilter 0.3.3

Remove, modify or translate any message from any source

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    MessageFilter - Remove, modify or translate any message from any source

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  2. Why doesnt it work i have everything installed but it wont block the messages. There is no errors to.
  3. Please provide more information.
    This verion MessageFilter was tested with craftbukkit 1.7.10 (ProtocolLib 3.4) and spigot 1.8.3 (ProtcolLib 3.6.3).

    What's version of your server/protocollib?

    Can you show you rule file and screenshot of message that you going to modify?

    Easiest way to create new rules is:
    1. Type command /mfilter save newfile 10s
    2. Perform actions that will show requried message in chat
    4. Go to MessageFilter/rules folder and edit newfile.yml
    5. Type command /mfilter reload
  4. ProtocolLib v3.6.3-SNAPSHOT
    Server Version CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-952179b-bc03b6f (MC: 1.8) (Implementing API version 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    Rule's File:
    Code (Text):
      type: EQUAL
      message-mask: testmessage
      replace-to: test-replacement
      cooldown-time: 10s
      use-formating: false
      type: START
      message-mask: '[Mounts]'
      replace-to: 'Test'
      cooldown-time: ' '
      use-formating: false
  5. Strange... Here is example:

    And here is created file mount.yml:
    Code (Text):
      type: START
      message-mask: '[Mount]'
      replace-to: '&6Test'
      cooldown-time: ''
      use-formating: true

    Can you check command /mfilter save?
    For example:
    /mfilter save newrules 1m

    - This will save all messages into rule file "newrules.yml" during the next 1 minute.

    Does this command working for you?

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  7. Can you show me result of /mfilter save command for this messages?
  8. Still doesnt block the message
  9. Can you show me result of /mfilter save command for this messages?
  10. but_1:
    type: EQUAL
    message-mask: Rule &aMount&2 created&a
    replace-to: Rule &aMount&2 created&a
    cooldown-time: ''
    use-formating: true
  11. @dyebxunit
    It looks, like you saved the result of command /mfilter add :) But now I can say that MessageFilter is working fine on your server.

    Delete but.yml file and try again:
    1. Type command /mfilter save (syntax:/mfilter save <RuleFileName><HowManyMessagesYouNeedToCatch>)
    /mfilter save mount 5 — this command will save next 5 messages (from any source) to file mount.yml

    2. Perform actions that produce the messages (type plugin command, press buttons, etc...)

    3. Type command /mfilter list to see messages.
    You will see rules names "mount_1", "mount_2", "mount_3", "mount_4", "mount_5"

    4. Remove unnecessary rules using /mfilter remove <RuleName> command
    /mfilter remove mount_1 — will remove rule named mount_1

    5. Congiure output text for rule using command /mfilter set <RuleName> output <NewText>
    /mfilter set mount_2 output &6New text for rule

    But I think it more easy to configure rules after using any text editor.
    1. Save some messages to rule files using command /mfilter save <RuleFileName> <HowManyMessagesYouNeedToCatch>
    2. Open file <RuleFileName>.yml and edit it

    Here screenshot of file but.yml opened using the FarManager (you can use any other editor)

    3. Reload configuration using /mfilter reload comand
  12. How to change join/leave messages ?
  13. Fantastic! The plugin runs perfectly on 1.8.7
    But why don't you add an option for bungeecord too?
    Anyway you gave us a great plugin.
  14. Is there currently any way of doing this per world?

    Edit: In fact per world guard region would be even better...

    For instance, I want to hide all faction messages when you go to my spawn, but right now the "Warzone" message pops up. If I could hide per region I would disable it in safe zone, and enable it everywhere else!

    Is it possible? I know you'd need some way to define a world and a region, because each world's regions are separate...
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    Added selftest for MessageFilter

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  16. what should I replace pixelmon.pikachu.name > < to? and for pixelmon_2 Yichu <- playername and Pikachu<- pokemon name to . _ .

    Please help me out

    type: EQUAL
    message-mask: '{"color":"gray","translate":"pixelmon.command.spawn.spawned","with":[{"translate":"pixelmon.pikachu.name"}]}'
    replace-to: ''
    cooldown-time: ''
    use-formating: true
    type: EQUAL
    message-mask: '{"translate":"pixelmon.command.spawn.spawnednotify","with":["YiChu","Pikachu"]}'
    replace-to: ''
    cooldown-time: ''
    use-formating: true
  17. Hoping this works in 1.9. One of the most useful plugins I've ever used.