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  1. great plugin! can you tell me how to include mob spawners in the meteorite? it seems it does not work with that block.
  2. Currently the only way to get spawners into the meteorite is to use 'SPAWNER' in the list of possible block types that your meteorites will consist of. However this will always just be a default pig spawner.
    I can implement a new feature though. You would be able to run a command whenever a specific block lands, giving you the opportunity to spawn spawners via that command. Since there's so many options when creating a spawner I would recommend a tool like this website: https://www.digminecraft.com/generators/mob_spawner.php
    If you're using a plugin to handle your spawners, commands from that plugin would also work. In fact, any command.
    Would this work for you?
  3. @OliPulse thanks I'll try with SPAWNER!

    Yes I'm using a plugin to handle the spawners already!

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  4. @Resoluciones

    Cool, let me know whether you get it to work, either here on on Discord :)
    If not, we'll figure it out through the new command feature!
  5. Grief Prevention support? i don't think meteorites falling on my base would be very cool.
  6. I'm doing worldguard first, then I'm on it!

    For now, if you want to use the random meteorites and keep your base relatively safe, make sure you don't make the meteorite explosions destroy blocks!
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  7. hello @OliPulse for some reason only the innerlayer blocks are being generated with the explosion in my server paper spigot 1.14.4, but it's OK for me anyway, it acomplish the function.

    The only thing I would like, in case it's possible for you is to add the following command:

    Code (Text):
    /mp shoot PLAYER RANGE # shoot meteorite from sky to a random position around the PLAYER within the specified RANGE in blocks
    Thank you!!!!
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  8. @Resoluciones thanks for this suggestion, it's a good idea, perhaps as an option for the random meteorites too. Also I see you just joined the discord. Let's fix that explosion there :p
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  10. support 1.12.2?
  11. I'm really sorry but no, the plugin currently does not support 1.12.2. It was coded in 1.14.4 and will not work in 1.12.2 because the plugin heavily uses the updated spigot API.
    Going back in time might be a possibility for the future, but as of now it will likely only support 1.14+ for a good while. I'm very sorry :(
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  12. SlimeDog

    Moderator Patron

    Spigot 1.14.4
    MeteoritesPro 1.1


    • Can multiple worlds be configured?

    Feature requests:
    • Implement meteor storms via console commands, so I can world/location of meteorites.
    • Implement configurable option to cool a meteor over time, turning lava into magma and magma into obsidian. Cooling should occur faster in water.
    • Implement configurable option to create a blast crater around a meteor hit, relative to the meteor's size.
    • Implement configurable option not to destroy bedrock (and possibly a list of other protected blocks).
    • Make all configuration parameters world-specific.
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  13. How can I summon a custom monster by command
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  14. Hey,

    Thank you for all of the suggestions man! I've added them to my list.

    To answer your question: no, currently only one world is supported, it seems like a good idea to make multiple worlds possible, potentially with different customization.
    About your not breaking bedrock suggestion. With the current code, the only way bedrock can be destroyed is if the random treasure happens to spawn on a bedrock location, it would replace it. Is this what happened to you when testing? Or do you just want certain blocks to be protected from the explosion? For info: right now the explosions are just normal explosions that will break anything that a TNT block will break.
    To give a short note for the other suggestions:
    The cooling feature would probably be the hardest to implement, it could be really cool though.
    The crater idea leans towards another suggestion I've had, which is being able to 'spawn' a schematic on the landing spot (air would cause a crater)
    Also the storm was already on my list.

    Right now I'm working on adding configurable particle effects and GriefPrevention integration.

    Thanks again and I'm glad you like the plugin!
    ~ Oli
  15. Right now this is not possible, because this is a bit next to the point of the plugin. However it could be implemented if people want to see it? Let me know!
  16. I hope to add a new function: when I open the chest, execute a custom command, which enables me to summon monsters of other plugins.
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  17. SlimeDog

    Moderator Patron

    Essential. :)
    I want a list of blocks to be protected from meteor replacement, and from explosions. BEDROCK is first on the list. :)
    A configurable "air" crater is the first priority (IMO), but generalizing it would be great. Width and depth configurable.
    Good work!

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  18. Yes, I'm looking forward to this feature:D
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  19. SlimeDog

    Moderator Patron

    Are you thinking custom guardian? I would prefer that MeteoritesPro just implement the ability to execute a (console) command based on meteor-related events. Keep it general, rather than implementing a specific boss.
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