Spigot MeteoritesPro v1.5.3

The Ultimate Meteorites Plugin

  1. Noted. (y)
    Thanks for the report again, Mr. Cute Walking Penguin ;)
  2. !remindme 1 month "look if it supports 1.13.2 yet"
    would be what i'd do if this was reddit.

    but really cool idea ^^
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  3. OliPulse updated MeteoritesPro with a new update entry:

    v1.5.0 - Support for Minecraft 1.15

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  4. Piv


    This looks like a really cool plugin, but we are afraid to set it loose on the server. Is it possible to add Residence support ? So peoples claims are safe ?
  5. Hey man, thanks :)

    I've gotten a bunch of request for various claiming plugins so I need to be very selective of which ones I support and which ones I don't, since supporting too many will make the plugin harder to update and unnecessarily heavy. However Residence looks like a really good plugin and I might add it in a future update (I put it on my list), the only worry I have with it is that it might not be used by THAT many people. Anyway, thanks for the compliment and the suggestion!

    If you want to use the plugin right now regardless I'd just recommend to setup your meteorites to be very non-destructive (explosion-breaks-blocks: false, explosion-sets-fire: false). This way the worst that could happen is just some blocks landing on someone's claim, if they were unlucky enough to have a meteorite crash into it.
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  6. OliPulse updated MeteoritesPro with a new update entry:


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  7. been messing around with this plugin for a while and cant see to catch it working on its own
    but it DOES work with /mp shoot 1
    to me it seems it dosnt spawn the meteor if its in unloaded chunks or somthing maybe?

    Edit: btw there is no console errors just the "meteor has fallen here"

    /mpshoot random

    "meteorite has landed on this spot exactly (blahx) (blahy)"

    /tppos (blahx) (blahy)

    *sees partical effects and no sign of meteor in 50chunks wide

    this seems like a easy to setup plugin as im not seeing any way of fixing this on my side but if there is please help :O
  8. There indeed currently is a problem where meteorites wont spawn in chunks that have never been loaded before. I've tried to fix this issue by generating the chunks around the random position but it caused major performance issues. So for now it's still live...
    The only thing I could think of is to decrease the random drop area (to have a higher chance of the chunk being loaded before) or pre-load your world using worldborder.
  9. Really like this plugin so far!
    Use GriefPrevention and WorldGuard on my Family & Friends server...nice to see them accounted for in the config.

    I have a question for the community of MP users.
    Are there other great Meteorite configs that you have created and are willing to share?
    I would love to add more variety to the meteorites, loot, and guardians on my server.

    Maybe the author would add them as an examples file that we could pull from to add to the config?
    I know there are some very creative folks out here....that is not a strong suit for me personally.
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  10. How high can I set the wait time? I want 1 to fall every 2 weeks or so, thanks.
  11. You can basically set the wait time as high as you want but you need to keep in mind that the timer will reset every time the server restarts.
  12. Really? guess I need to change my plans. Thanks.
  13. Any way to make the meteorites avoid towny protected areas?
  14. Here I'll leave you many ideas that would make the complement great:
    + Add satellites capable of predicting coordinates, times, and types of meteorites that will fall to earth.
    + If you add the satellites you can make a menu with which you can level them and even make them avoid falling the meteors by probability or completely.
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  15. SPIGOT 1.15.2

    Also for some reason the meteors give false coordinates. When I tp to the coordinate where the meteor fell, there's nothing there.
    Could you fix it?​
  16. > SPIGOT 1.15.2
    Hey! For some reason when a meteor is generated, it says some coordinates to which when I tp there is nothing...
  17. Hey dude, there is currently a bug in the plugin where meteorites despawn before they hit the ground when they are spawned in an unloaded chunk. Keep an eye out for an update where this issue will be fixed! Thanks for the report.
  18. Hey, can you pls add support to RedProtect?
  19. Would also love to see support for Lands, to prevent Meteorites from crashing into players lands.

    I've also noticed a bug with mcMMO that causes the name display for the guardians to display as the mob type. Is there a way to fix this on my end or does it have to be done on yours?

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