Spigot MeteoritesPro v1.5.3

The Ultimate Meteorites Plugin

  1. I suggest you to disable the heart display thing.
  2. I'd prefer not to, but I suppose I could. If there's at least another way around it, that would be nice.
  3. I also had the question asked to me that if the ores and blocks from meteorites could drop custom items when mined. Is it possible to set it so they do that?

    Also I've disabled the heatlhbar and the guardians names still show as the mob type.
  4. Support Towny?
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  5. Sorry, im having a problem. It´s says "Invalid world name for random meteorites." so I can´t generate random meteorites. The name of the world is perfectly written, what can I do? I have tried everything, what can I do? Thanks :) Its an aternos server
  6. Same problem. When change the default world in config get a message in console "Invalid world name for random meteorites." @OliPulse
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  7. Has this plugin been abandoned? it's a shame.
  8. Hey, sorry for the somewhat late response. The plugin hasn't been abandoned at all, I've been quite busy lately though, with other projects and my education. However, this summer, I do not only plan to fix some issues but to completely revamp the plugin.

    As for your invalid world issue (same goes for @XBrunosk8X) , I double checked and this shouldn't happen if the world name is correct. Are you 100% sure that your world name is the same as in the config file? Are you using Aternos server too? If you'd like, you can join my Discord support server and we'll figure out the problem together.
  9. Thanks for follow work. Its a very good complement.
    I am sure that the world in condig is the correct. I am going to enter your discord to try to solve it.
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  10. OliPulse updated MeteoritesPro with a new update entry:


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  11. If i can pull a request, can there any option for meteor fall near player? because its make lag when if i set radius 500 but no player there, its like stuck
  12. You can't do that right now but it's already on my feature list!
  13. Any plans for 1.16?
  14. Yes, when my PC is back (had to be repaired) I will update all of my plugins! This will likely be in the 2nd half of July, but I really hope I get it back sooner though... we'll see:eek:
  15. Cool, thanks for the update
  16. Hello please help

    If it generates everything and well, but it is not generating the chests with the mob, what do I have to do?
  17. OliPulse updated MeteoritesPro with a new update entry:

    v1.5.3 - Support for 1.16.1

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  18. Hey! it is possible to add a option in the config to doesn't spawn meteorites if there is no players online? This because the server will still trowing meteorites when is nobody connected and then when a player comes closer to some location of the already spawned meteorites this will spawn all at the same time and he will see like 3 or more meteorites in the same location. It also might be useful a command to remove all falled and pending to fall meteorites. Thanks!.
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