Spigot MeteoritesPro v1.5.3

The Ultimate Meteorites Plugin

  1. Hello
    So nice Plugin :D. But if no player is online then still meteorites randomly fallen?
  2. um and why did the meteorites crash into the spawn? I protected them with worldguard. Or what exactly do I have to set in the config?
  3. Is there any premade configs with more than the default config?
  4. There's a couple in the discord server in a channel named #mp-creations.
  5. Hey guys, any command to type from console to shoot a meterorite towards an x,z position w/o logging onto the server/having server presence?
  6. Plugin has broken on our server. My players used to love it so much. Is the dev inactive?
  7. Negative. I'll add it to the potential feature-list though.
  8. What exactly is wrong? Feel free to join the support Discord, explain the problem with a bit more details over there, and I'll gladly help you out. :)
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  9. Is there going to be support for multiple worlds? I see the question was asked on Oct 20, 2019 and you responded favorably to the idea. I think it is important. Not everyone uses that one grief protection plugin for land claims. I am using Towny. I would prefer to have the meteors in our resource world where the can destroy anything they want.

    One could configure the meteors differently for each world. Like in the main world where players have their bases have meteors that are harmless. (I assume that is doable from the info on the overview page) and in other worlds have them more destructive. Or, not have them in the main world at all. There could be many possibilities.

    It would also be nice you posted the config somewhere. Do you have a github site?

    I did look at all the posts in the update section and did not see one where multiworld support was added. If I missed it oops, sorry
  10. When you see a plugin that has not been updated for a year, you must think that development has been abandoned ...... as in this case. They only updated to 1.17 because it works, but nothing errors, nothing updates and nothing improvements ... :)
  11. I wouldn't say abandoned, more so paused. Since I have a few plugins, limited time and also run a larger development team I had to make some choices. I'm sorry. But like you say, everything still works on 1.17 but there are no changes or improvements since last update. I have a recode partially done but it isn't ready to release yet.
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  12. Really nice plugin. May I share this plugin on https://www.mcbbs.net so more ppl can see your good work? I will state the author and the original weblink. Thanks!
    Wish you a good day.
  13. Hey, I'm afraid someone else already asked me this and actually did it before you, not 100% sure though.
  14. Someone already shared your Rainbows Pro and Beehives Pro plugin but not this one yet
  15. In that case feel free to do so, as long as downloads are linked back to here on Spigot. You can send me the URL on Discord when you did it if you want.
  16. Can you add integration into Lands so meteorites don't fall into player's lands?
  17. Hi, I don't know if you're still working on this plugin but I'd like to make a request regardless, I'm considering starting up my old server again but in order to make it work I need this plugin to "delivery" ores to the world, the problem I've run into though is that on each server restart the timer resets, making it impossible to set times between meteor falls that extend into weeks. Could you recode the timer system to so it won't reset on a server restart to make this viable? Cheers.
  18. Awesome plugin! When I rollback with Coreprotect, do you know how to also remove the items left behind from the meteor?