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  1. Hello there,
    I dont know if this is the right section but I've decided that this section would be the most logical to post this.

    I was wondering if I'am allowed to add Microtransactions in my code? Like popular mobile phone games do.
    I haven't found anything related in spigot's rules.

    My idea is to add stuff to a game which wouldn't make a game changing effect but it looks cool like trails and stuff.
    So is this allowed?
  2. Well with the fact that java is the most unsafety way to make transactions, go for it. Also you probably would have to register that at your place which costs money.
  3. Of course I dont want to handle the payments using a jar file, only the last instance (use of the item) would be placed in the jar
  4. But before I create the whole system behind I want to know if this is allowed at all.
    Wasted time isn't what I'm aiming for :p
  5. electronicboy

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    No, if you release a plugin for free on the site, it has to be free in its entirety; (You could release a premium plugin to extend upon a plugin, however)
    if you release a premium plugin, you're not allowed to extend upon that and ask for more money.

    licensing systems are also not allowed, e.g. selling license keys
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