Spigot MidiPlayer 0.2.0

A plugin that allows you to play custom music on your server.

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    MidiPlayer - A plugin that allows you to play custom music on your server.

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  2. Look amazing, what is the impact on performance ? :eek:
  3. I did not have a chance to test it on a large server. While testing with few people it was not noticeable. It does not require loads of CPU power. I would compare it to a miecart running in a circle on a track.
  4. Exactly where do you put the Mid Files?
  5. Thanks for reply ! :) If everybody get the same things, that would be not a big cpu hunger x)
  6. Put the midi inside the plugin main folder.

    If the midi files are loaded then theres almost nothing to do when sending the music even if there are many different sound tracks to play.

    All the sound sending work like this:
    Code (Text):
    1. Calculate time diff to the last run
    2. Foreach playing music (sound track)
    2.1. Update how much time the track waited
    2.2. If remaining wait time is greater then 0 continue with next track
    2.3. For each player
    2.3.1. Send current note to player (all is already calculated)
    2.4. Get next note in sequence
    2.5. Set the wait to new value
    2.6. Continue with the next sound track
    3. Wait for next interwal
    The only potential issue I see in it is that it requires a timer task running each tick. Sending additional sound data each second to each player that hears the music is negligible, even if it takes 20x a second.

    The plugin is only a start I'm planing to add "child plugins". The first one that's planed will use it to play sound when you entered a world guard region (maby other region plugins, I did not decide yet). In addition to plugins I'm working on a full orchestra sound resource pack that should extremely improve the sound quality of the music.
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  7. Oh yeah ! If your pack is "lightweight" (lessthan1mo) that would be amazing :)
  8. Well I'm almost sure that it will by over 1mb, more like 10megs actually.
  9. I uploaded the GeneralMidi instrument resource pack. If you want to test it you can get it here.
    Remember to change the mapping file to gm.map.
  10. Does it able to play Minecraft Music Records without MIDI?
  11. I'm not quite sure what do you mean? If you are talking about minecraft music then you can play it using "/playsound" command. You only need to know the sound name. MidiPlayer is a plugin that allows you to play MIDI music using minecraft sounds (notes and mob sounds, or sounds from resources).
  12. Umm like loads minecraft in-game jukebox disc.
  13. You can do that by using the playsound command.
  14. idk how to add my midi
  15. Put the midi file into the plugin folder (/plugins/MidiPlayer/)
  16. @SB_prime a message tell me i cant use this midi
  17. Send me the link to the file you are trying to play. I'll look into it.
  18. A small suggestion for bigger servers use -


    /jukebox (song.mid)

    What it does:
    A feature for donators, or just even regular players. It allows players to have a line of songs ready based on what they want. It also has a 10 minute cooldown, and cost 50 dollars. (Both Configurable)

    Permission Node:

    Default Permission:

    Also a shuffle feature would be cool.
  19. I'm assuming this is a plugin that you would like to see made?