Mine block faster with hand

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by FroZenKeyboard, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. How would i mine faster with hand, without using potion effects?
  2. Humm...

    public void onBlockDamage(BlockDamageEvent e)
  3. No i mean break normally, but increase the damage. Without using potion effects. Do anyone know how to do this?

    EDIT: Is there a set block health method?
  4. I can't find one in the javadocs, however I know it's possible with NMS, though considering the client side of things the result might not be what you expect.

    Another way without nms could be to change the player's mining speed when they're hitting a specific block.
  5. How would i change mining speed?
  6. I believe it's an attribute, just use the javadoc.
  7. Can you give me an example to do it with NMS? I can use potioneffects though, but the hand won't move when i hit someone..