Spigot MineBay | Player Auction Rooms ♣ 1.8 - 1.16 ♣ Multilanguage ♣ GUI-based ♣ Tax 4.2.2

Easy to use auction system - With player auction rooms!

  1. Well I only notice that from that plugin not other plugins. It fixed when removed your plugin tho xD. But yea only crates reloaded have an issue as far as I know for now
  2. I'm sorry, but i can't tell why this error occurs and thus i don't know how to fix it
  3. Good plugin ! Can i move this plugin to forum in China? www.mcbbs.net more people will see it
  4. Yeah, if you want to you can advertise it there (y)
  5. Is there a blacklist which items we can not sell?
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  6. Currently there isn't, but i can add that in the next update if you want
  7. i think it would be nice so player can't sell "custom" items like a spawn Item or a item with custom name like "Ender-Coin"

    Unique Items in Blacklist would be nice : o

    Edit ~~
    Command like /mb blacklist add *item in hand* with an id

    Blacklistitem ID: 1
    Displayname: &5Endercoin
    Displaylore: &6Dies ist eine Premium-Währung
    item_name(or id): 426
  8. Hey it's me again :x

    i just found a duplicate bug

    When i add a sell and before a player buy it i can open my shop and i can retract the sell and both become the items


    And is there a option Player can't change the Tax?
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  9. I'll look into this bug, thanks for reporting. This will be fixed in the next update
  10. So I don't know how this happen but when i have your Plugin and his Plugins https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mountsplus.56051/ on my Server

    !i can Grab in other Plugins gui the items out.!

    Its only happen when i have both plugins on my server...
    i hope you understand me

    What is there wrong o.o?
  11. I finally found out why this occurs in some instances, it was just a small oversight on my part. This will also be fixed in the next version. Thanks for reporting
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  12. Thank you <3
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  13. I actually haven't gotten to implement these features yet as i had to fix the update checker and all these bugs first. They'll be implemented in the next update though
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  14. Thank you :3

    is there another option that only the Room Owner can sell in there own rooms?
    Other Player can sell there too
    I thinks is a good idea
    Allow-trade-from-other-player-in-other-players-room: true/false
  15. Hi, im using MMOItems, Divine Items RPG, and when i put an item to sell it doesnt show the right name @ chat
    [Star] Heal Wind I is shown as Nether Star
    Repair Gem is shown as Firework Charge

    shouldnt it show the right name?


    Do you plan to add a feature to link item to chat so people can see what are you selling?
  16. I also noticed this "oversight" myself today. Right now, MineBay will always show the item's type even if it has a name. I'll change that in the next update though
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  17. is there anyway to minebay show item's properties?
    Whenever i put an item to sell it only shows the basic info, would be good to player be able to see the stats
    imagine 2 people selling the same sword of doom but with different stats.. pve damage, pvp damage, enchants, free gem slots, critical chance..
    isnt usefull at all if they cant see the stats..


    It also says theres an update when im already with the latest release

    when customizing the config can we add more room-perms for ranks?
    Code (Text):

          allow-colored-names: true
          allow-colored-descriptions: true
          max-rooms: 7
          allow-colored-names: false
          allow-colored-descriptions: true
          max-rooms: 5

    id like to have more options to be able to create more individual ranks..
    i have something like 9 different ranks and id like to give them individual parameters..
    Since theres no help about it (or i didnt find one)

    Thanks In Advance
    Best Regards
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  18. 1. It already shows those stats, but only on the "buy item" screen. I did that to make it look cleaner in the room gui.
    2. That's my mistake, i'll change that in just a second
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