Spigot MineBedrock 1.2

A simple bedrock miner. w/ permission node

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    MineBedrock - A simple bedrock miner. w/ permission node

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  2. Er, what tool do you mine it with, how long does it take to mine, etc.
  3. No problem, I hope you enjoy the plugin.
  4. Definatly a good donor perk :D
  5. Diamond Pickaxe, Gold pickaxe. And instantly as I don't think you can create a mining effect (the cracking effect) when mining it so because of that, it has to be instant.
  6. You dont have to make the actual effect, just maybe the onInteractEvent put a bukkit scheduler of a configurable amount of ticks, then make it run the task of dropping/going in inv after they have been mining it for that amount of time?
  7. There's no event to detect if a player is still holding their mouse down.
  8. Oh yeah xD