Spigot Minecade Hub Plugin 1.5 Beta

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    Profesional Hub - Free Version - Simple Hub plugin.

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  2. What's with the Chrome logo? xD
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  3. It's representing Clean, Simple xD
  4. When do you think you will update it so we can use the staff join message?
  5. In 5 Minutes, im just checking some bugs. :)
  6. Please add: No leaf decay
  7. I found a bug. When a staff member or a vip, vip+ leave it does not say >> VIP LupoFTW left the hub. It just saus >> LupoFTW left the hub.
  8. Ok now I found some more bugs.

    Op do not have a leave message, my admins are oped, they have the staff join message, but when they leave it just says default. Same with owner. Also, do you think you could add a thing in the config where you can disable the armor? It would help a lot.

    Also the config is messed up, it has join message 2 times.

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  9. coolwolf9999 I've found the error look: It sais Vip+-JoinMessage instead of Vip+-LeaveMessage

    Now im going to put the new update with double jump ;)
  10. In version 1.4 is now added!!! (Is called NoFallDamage)
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  11. Im testing for that, now is working but i would upload the plugin when i finish the welcome message :D
  12. Can you make an option so Ops are automatically Staff when they join/leave?
  13. Ok, i will put in the config something like
    Code (Text):
    OpMessage: ''