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Bug Minecart Bug under Spigot...

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by JoeGray100, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. JoeGray100


    When running redstone / command block adventure maps I've found that bukkit can be a little less problematic with compatibility issues but given the upcoming 1.5 release I thought I'd try testing Spigot build 617 across the board. It appears pretty good thus far but right away I found a bug with respect to how minecarts are not working properly with Spigot in one of our Parkour Maps (Minecraft's Edge). Below please find the link to download this particular parkour map. Right at the beginning of the map one can experience the problem first hand. Just go down the stairs and you'll find a room with minecarts in a chest off to the left. Grab one then continue straight down the hallway. At the end you'll reach a room with tracks to put the minecart on. Put the minecart on the track and jump in and you'll start heading down the tracks. The cart and rider are suppose to fall at the end of the track from the building and into the water below. It works this way on regular bukkit. With Spigot the cart suddenly stops and doesn't fall down.

    Here's the map that will demonstrate the issue:


  2. JoeGray100


    Please disregard this for now. I've been experimenting and I think it may be something else causing this. Trying to isolate.