Minecart teleportation bug with command block in spigot

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by omarkum, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. I am making a machine using command block that teleport minecart in long distances(like 3000 blocks away) with a player sit on it. However, the player will stuck on loading chuck which blue sky is the only thing player can see on their screen.

    The interesting point is, in spigot, it has no problem when I type the command as a Player, the teleportation works perfectly, but it didn't end well with command block, in Vanilla Server ,both Command block and run the command as player works perfectly. Do anyone know how can I fix this in the spigot.yml or bukkit.yml?
  2. No such modification options exist for spigot.yml or bukkit.yml
  3. So... there are no away to fix this?
  4. The problem seems to be caused by the chunk not being loaded. not sure.
  5. I am wondering how spigot modified the way that command block execute the command since it works in a vanilla server with /forceload
  6. what is /forceload command?
  7. forcing the chunk to be loaded