Spigot Minechat Ban 1.1

Ban iPhone clients from connecting to your server.

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    Minechat Ban - Ban iPhone clients from connecting to your server.

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  2. xxtreepuncherxx


    Why would you want to ban players who join via Minechat?
  3. dtm

    dtm Retired Moderator
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    I know it can cause some issues.

    You do realize that MineChat doesn't have to send a message right? meaning, this is pretty useless.
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  4. Great plugin. Does this also work for android, other devices that have minechat?
  5. dtm

    dtm Retired Moderator
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    It doesn't have anything to do with minechat, It just checks messages.
  6. Oh okay. In that case, you can just not send a message or send a command instead :/
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  7. The only reason I can see is that they fill slots while not actually playing.
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  8. It will check the message that is sent right when a player first joins, and you can add any phrase that you want in the config. Sure it can't block ones that doesn't send a message, but if anyone knows a way to do that let me know and I'll implement it.
    It would also work as a donator perk to allow your donators to connect to your server remotely.

    It doesn't actually ban them, it just kicks them with a predefined message.

    It will work on any mobile client that sends a message to the server. It would theoretically work on a hack client if for some reason it sent a message when they joined the server. The plugin will check the first thing you ever say on that server and if it equals any phrase in the config it will kick them. After your first message you can say that phrase and not get kicked.
  9. What about Android clients?
  10. @headiplays
    If they send a message and it's in the config file, or they don't move within a minute of joining the server it will work properly.