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  1. SpaZMonKeY777

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    So I am sure most everyone knows about the popular minecraft app called Minechat that allows you to login to a server and read/send chat.


    Is there any way to block players from joining your server via Minechat? We run our servers with certain slot amounts, and some of our servers get filled quickly, and I hate when I see a few of our players with reserved slots taking up space by logging in with Minechat.

    So is it even possible to block? If so, how? Curious on other peoples take on this.
  2. Sadly not. It connects using mc login protocols so it's impossible to differ who is using it and who isn't. Put it in your rules and lie and we will ban you for using it, that way most people will stop.
  3. joshwenke

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    I hate MineChat. I second this request.
  4. You could check if players type "/spawn" as soon as they join although that option in MineChat can be toggled. You could also check if a player is not moving for a period of time (but then you have to watch for teleport commands.)

    Or...I think this might work: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/finspambots/

    Doesn't let players chat/issue commands until they have moved. (Plugin was made to counter spamming tools such as PWN4G3.) I use it on my server. I think that blocks MineChat completely? You could also give your donators a permission to bypass that check.
  5. Use Double0Negative's ChatLimiter, it stops from players from talking until they move around.
  6. Try to think of a thing minechat always do. It always says when you join with it. So just check for that chat massegs and kick everybody that use it with a anti swear plugin. Hope this help you
  7. Its not the talking issue he doesn't want mine chat users on his server because it fills it up so players on the computer cannot join.
  8. Could ask the developers to add some sort of plugin message alert on join
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