MINECON 2015 - T-Shirt & Wristband Designs

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  1. md_5

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    Hey everyone,

    It's been a week since we started looking at designs for various aspects of merchandise and we have now decided more or less what we want our T-Shirts and bracelets to look like. These designs have to be ordered first thing Monday morning, so if you have any major feedback on any of the things listed here, it is important to get it addressed ASAP.

    Wristband Design: @SaphiriaMC
    As per the notes below I think it may be prudent to at least just add "server" to everything.

    T-Shirt Design: @SeanMe

    For wristbands, we will be ordering 2500 of them to give away at our booth. For T-Shirts we will be ordering 350 of them to sell for £10 each. The size break down we anticipate to be 30 Extra Small, 90 Small, 110 medium, 75 Large, 30 Extra Large, however if you feel you can offer guidance on a better breakdown, please comment below.

    You may notice that both of the designs use the tagline "High Performance Minecraft". This is the tagline which we have been using on our website for three years now as it represents what Spigot was originally about - a high performance Minecraft server.

    However, especially in recent times, SpigotMC has come to represent more than just this, so we are open to changing this tagline, at least on these merchandise items. If you have a better tagline suggestion that you feel sums up SpigotMC in less than 40 characters, comment below and we will consider it!

    EDIT: I personally have been playing around with the shirt idea a little and think it might be a good idea to mention something about servers or mods: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/minecon-2015-t-shirt-wristband-designs.70208/#post-775649
    Otherwise it doesn't really make it clear what Spigot really is.

    Let us know your thoughts,
    ~Spigot Team
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  2. I like them, they look great!
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  3. Looks great! Have a great time at Minecon!
  4. Will this merchandise be available outside of Minecon? I would consider buying a T-shirt (or even a wristband), but I will not be attending Minecon this year.
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  5. md_5

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    Been playing around with the shirt design a little. I think it might be a good idea to mention servers or mods.
    or even just drop "the":
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  6. md_5

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    Shirts may be at a later date. Wristbands will not.
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  7. Tao


    Good luck with this. Seems like you have some potential buyers. (a lot)
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  8. I think it would be better with 'HIGH PERFORMANCE MINECRAFT SERVERS', otherwise it makes spigot sound like a server.
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  9. Ferx


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  10. is shirt for the minecraft and soon for best server?!?!?!?
  11. Mousemats? D:?
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  12. "30 Extra Large" lol.

    Be sure to use earthquake proof tables etc.
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  13. Any chance you'll be selling this online?
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  14. The shirts look great! I would definitely buy one (or more :)).
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  15. How will the wristbands be closed? With a fastener like this or round like this? If you plan to close them with a fastener (I dont know a better word for this^^) keep in mind that the parts at the end probably are going to be cut off, therefore you should position the logo and tagline in the middle.
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  16. Noice.
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  17. Me likey
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  18. I love the first wristband. Also as said above I think you should also do some Mouse Pads because if you do I would defiantly consider buying some.
  19. Made a mousepad, what do you think about it? (Used the logo by @TheMrJezza)

    Mousepad Smallest.png
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  20. It looks good, I would buy a mousemat with this design :p
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