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  1. md_5

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    In the absence of any long winded discussion / recap, the following will serve as a brief discussion about our time at MINECON 2015.

    As you are all no doubt aware, at the start of this month many members of the Spigot team converged from around the globe to attend MINECON 2015 in London. All in all we had @md_5 from Australia, @cindy_k & @jflory7 from America and @brajo & @Thinkofdeath from the UK itself. We were also supplemented by some community guests including @Awexdio, @Xor Boole, @aet2505 and the entire @CCGN team.

    Armed with a booth, T-shirts by @SeanMe, flyers by @Nogtail, wristbands by @Saphiria, additional artwork by @Lvl_1_Gamer and a video by @Nick we took to the expo center, right near the entrance and spent the next two days selling t-shirts and handing out flyers / wristbands to thousands of exhibition goers.

    We also hosted a lunch for around 60 community members, which was great to see and @md_5 was on the "Extending Minecraft Through Custom Content" panel organised by @Jadedcat, so hopefully there will be an official video of that soon. In the meanwhile, you can watch a partial snippet filmed by @jflory7.

    You can find a whole heap more photos in the MINECON forum, but all in all we had an enjoyable and productive time, and enjoyed meeting many of you guys in the community.

    Thanks again to everyone who contributed in some way or another, but I would like to once again draw special attention to @CCGN for their help in setting up the booth and providing us with TVs, monitors, etc, and also @aet2505 for running the booth solo whilst we all ran off to lunch.

    Hopefully we will see you again in 2016/2017,
    ~Spigot Team

    PS: There is a very limited supply of t-shirts available in the donor forum. First come, first served.
    PPS: Make sure you click all the links above to see the pretty pictures.

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  2. jflory7

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    MINECON 2015 was an incredible experience, and I'm looking forward for whatever 2016 brings! Thanks to the entire community for all of your support for making this happen!
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  3. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Great to meet you guys. Had a fantastic weekend in my capital!!
    You've all been great.

    Thanks for the experience.
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  4. Glad everything went well. Hopefully I'll be able to attend next year and see the Spigot team/Community #Minecon2016.
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  5. Z750

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    MINECON 2016 CONFIRMED BETTER THAN MINECON 2015 cause I'll be there :D

    Still nice to see such a strong showing of support from the community. Here's to the next year everyone! :)
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  6. Glad to see what a great time you guys had. Wish I could've attended, but maybe next time :)
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  7. ^-^ Next year i'l be sure to attend. #MINECON2016 :D
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  8. Hope those who attended had fun! I might be able to come next year :D
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  9. I attended, it was amazing!
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  10. Hope all of you had fun!
  11. saphiria


    Hope the wristbands were liked.. It seems like everyone had a great time there!
  12. Was amazing meeting everyone!
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  13. Noble Pro


    Your design for the wristbands were really nice. Wish I'd have gotten more than one!
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  14. saphiria


    I wish I got at least one. :D
  15. PhanaticD


    was nice meeting you all
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  16. Dude, that gif in your signature just tripped me out xD I'm on my iPhone in the dark, saw a fly on my screen and tried to squish it wih my thumb but it wouldn't die... Sounds stupid but it was very trippy xD
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  17. Anyone knows when will be panels uploaded?
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  18. As it being my first time at Minecon in general, i absolutely loved the whole experience and it was great to meet @md_5 and all the other spigot members at the panel. The whole panel setup was brilliant and brought the whole Spigot together to create some awesome looking merchandise.
  19. minecraft7net


    Cool, I regret that I could not be this year, I watched whole two days stream of heartbreaking.I hope that I can be in the next year.
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