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    Although this post is going to be as brief as I can make it, it is quite possibly the most important announcement which I have ever made on these forums, so please bear with me as I explain. Today I am proud to announce two things: Spigot, along with Intreppid, will be present with its very own booth at Minecon; and that as of right now, SpigotMC is open to donations. Both of these initiatives have been in planning for months now, thus it is great to finally follow through on them.

    The decision to attend Minecon was primarily sparked due to the great interest present in this thread, as well as the support from the community. It hasn’t been easy, but after first contacting Mojang over two months ago, we now have been approved to purchase a booth at the convention. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, I myself will not be attending Minecon, however we will have two of our awesome staff in attendance (andrewkm & LiLChris), as well as Bryant and another staff member from Intreppid. We have yet to finalise what we will be doing and presenting at our respective booths, however two things are for certain: There will be a lot of limited edition Spigot swag from us, and plenty of opportunity to catch up with server owners around the world, united by Spigot.

    The decision to accept donations has not been one which we have made lightly, however it has been done out of necessity for a couple main reasons. Since its inception, the Spigot project has been run out of my own as well as other’s spare time, and donations were not generally accepted as we had almost everything we needed sponsored for us, while other resources were run out of our own pockets - and after all your money was probably best spent elsewhere. Obviously this, although good, is not a sustainable approach, especially as we continue to grow at this rapid pace and need to invest in projects such as Minecon. As such, there are a few key reasons as to why we are now accepting donations:
    • Minecon costs
    • Developer costs
    • Extended project investments
    • Overall project support and upkeep
    Obviously Minecon is a massive driving force in this. In order to purchase a booth, tickets, merchandise, booth upgrades, and cover a few other miscellaneous expenses we need money (which unfortunately we do not simply have). After seeing the booth prices from Mojang, and chatting with suppliers + those in attendance, we have decided to set our Minecon funding goal to $2450. Any money donated with the purpose “Minecon” will be entered into a specific pool, and will only be used for Minecon related expenses.We hope that through the support of those in attendance, as well as those who unfortunately cannot make it out, we will be able to cover all the necessary expenses, and present one hell of a booth!
    While it may not seem like it, we do have a few expenses which go towards buying stuff like XenForo add ons and other goodies - resources like this need to be paid for out of pocket. SpigotMC also makes use of a number of incredible libraries provided by others, such as Netty (http://netty.io/) - we would like to use some of our donations to give back to these projects, as well as to spend on other things to enhance the community. Accepting this financial support means we have money to hire developers who specialize in various advanced fields to expand some of our existing projects. One of these is BungeeCord, for which I would like to hire a C/C++ developer to re-code the encryption in native code, which could lead to up to a 20% reduction in CPU usage! Such developers aren’t cheap, however they are worth every penny, and being able to spend money on them will be an enormous asset to these projects.
    Perhaps the most important reason for accepting donations now, is time. I and the other members of staff spend countless hours each week programming, moderating and engaging with the community. For example; in my personal case so much time is spent on Spigot that it is not possible for me to maintain a part-time job along side Spigot work due to how invested I am in this wonderful community and growing project. Accepting donations will effectively allow me to dedicate as much free time as I possibly can to the project, and will continue to ensure I have plenty of time to work and engage with Spigot in all forms possible.
    And finally, the last reason is that every now and again we get generous Server Owners asking us for possible ways to support SpigotMC financially. Now you can!

    In case you haven’t noticed it yet, the donation panel can be found near the bottom of the right sidebar. You may also reach it quickly by clicking on the donate tab, found at the top of the forums. Here you will be able to select how much you wish to donate, the currency you would like to donate in (currently only USD for accounting reasons), and where you would like the money spent. At the moment our core funding goal is Minecon, and we would really love to see contributions towards that event, however you are free to enter anything you wish. Additionally please note that we do not accept donations under $10 USD as they simply create too much hassle in the event of chargebacks, fees, etc. Instead you can simply drop by on IRC to give your thanks! Each month we will be producing a pie chart outlining where your contributions were spent and invested. At this point in time there are no special perks for donating, however, we are currently brainstorming ideas so rest assured there will be plenty.

    Finally I would like to give a special thanks to two people who have shaped the Spigot community into what it is today: andrewkm and his server http://ecocitycraft.com/, who has donated immense amounts of resources towards Spigot, and was literally the founding father of the project, and Bryant Townsend from Intreppid who originally approached me, and throughout the last year has enabled us to make both of our respective projects even better. Additional thanks are also due to you, the Spigot community, and the efforts you make to ensure that SpigotMC is, and will continue to be the #1 community for Minecraft server owners of all shapes and sizes.

    If you are a server owner, and Spigot has revolutionised the way players feel by dramatically reducing lag; if you are a network owner, and Bungee has enabled you to expand your network to gargantuan proportions; if you are a host and running Spigot on your servers has enabled you to become more efficient; we encourage you to give, and give generously to support this wonderful project and community! Don’t forget that you can easily direct your donations to a specific area: for example Minecon, by specifying so in the message.

    Thanks for everything, and long live Spigot
    ~Spigot Team
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  2. andrewkm

    Patron ⭐⭐⭐

    Thank you for all your hard work on Spigot md_5! :D
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  3. Yay minecon.
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  4. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Good luck guys!
    Wish I could come over and meet you all!
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  5. CustomForms

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    Retired Supporter

    I absolutely appreciate everything md_5 and the Spigot community has contributed to help expand the limbs of Spigot.
  6. Sway

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  7. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Someone throw in an extra $160, I want a butler for a day.

    Hi. :D

    Agreed, wouldn't know what to do with out Spigot.
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  8. Donated what I could, spend that $10 on a lovely cake for yourself and the team.
  9. Good luck, your booth's will be awesome, I am sure.
    I will try to donate as much as I can!

    I am sure this will happen! :D
  10. Can't wait to meet you guys at Minecon <3
  11. Wazez


    Finally. Donating $50 right now.
    I really wish you could go though md_5, but we it's clear why.

    As for donation perks/rewards, maybe give donators a gold donator tag/label like there is for mods/artists/sponsors.
    Thanks you for providing the entire spigot project and community for us.

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  12. CCT


    It's going to be nice to meet the Spigot team at Minecon. My dad got accepted to be a "Minecon volunteer staff member" lol :).
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  13. AlexM850


    How old are you Collin? :O

    Also, great work md_5 the spigot team is amazing and you guys should keep up the amazing hard work.
  14. CCT


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  15. AlexM850


    Wat. You do a hell of a job with your server, i gotta give you that! ;) Huehue. I'll see you at Minecon? I'm going too;)
  16. CCT


    Thanks :)
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  17. libraryaddict


    Quick question, just donated $100.
    Can I have op?
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  18. AlexM850


    Yes pls!
  19. libraryaddict


    Still don't have op.
    Gave another $100.
    Is that enough for op?
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