Spigot MineCopter 0.4.1

A Rideable Helicopter

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    MineCopter - A Rideable Helicopter

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  2. Update for 1.8 Please
  3. should also work with 1.8, when not send me the exception please
  4. leftwitch it's work on my mcserver
  5. yeah its fun to use it on my server so thanks for the plugin
  6. Items in invetory drop player drop barrier errow
  7. Not on my server
  8. foodlik wait, i'll do a hotfix, had this code in my old lobby plugin and there was dropping disabled ^^ , give me 2 minutes

    //EDIT: A Rating would be nice ;)
    #9 Leftwitch, Jun 9, 2016
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  9. Hey, if you can prove that you do well mline to decorate cutthroat blade and similar
  10. sorry but i dont undesratnd what u mean with "mline to decorate cutthroat blade and similar" o_O
  11. you performed a reload? or how this happend
  12. Player disconet on minecopter
  13. Hey i find bug items in invetory placed barrier and glass in invetory place sorry i little speak anglish xD please update