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    MineCordBot - Bridge Minecraft and Discord using MineCordBot.

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  2. I can say this is so far the best discord to minecraft plugin I have used it works fine on my server since I'm using apex and thay seem abit picky on plugins also to note the dev of this plugin is so nice to help when help was needed
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  3. Could you make a quick video tutorial because i have no idea how bots work in discord and the written instructions don't help me know where to go at all. if not a video even picture instructions would be a great help
  4. to set up a discord bot you will need to go to the https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me
    after that click the on plus to start making the bot
    just add a name and click create app...
    then click on create bot user
    after that go get the token and add that to the config file on the plugin on the server
    now take the Client ID and add it to
    make sure it looks like this
    but with your bot id now for channel id
    make sure you go to your user setting go to appearance then check dev. mode
    now for that channel id right click the channel you like to link then get id
    add that id to config of the plugin restart or server and you should be all good​
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    Version R-0.3.1

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  6. Make sure you've configured the plugin correctly. Here's a detailed information on how to do so. In your case you might need to check your text_channel and make sure that you removed the example text channel ids under text_channel.
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    Broadcast fixes and lang update fix

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  8. This plugin is broken @CyR1en, EDIT: the download link*
  9. Lmao be patient. It needs to be approved.
  10. Could you add per world or worldguard support? :)
  11. Sure, but for now. I have placeholders to determine which world the players is on. {world} is the place holder
  12. you should add the {vault_rank} or {rank}, would help out
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  13. I have a problem when issue a command from discord,
    When I send a command from discord (I have 4 Bots, one for each server), all Bots respond! How I can set only the bot response of that server?
  14. You can bind commands from each bot to a certain text channel, or use a different trigger for each bot.
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