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  1. Yo, so im making a minecraft server starting on 1.0 and then slowly climbing up the version, im having a few issues though, first of all i cant seem to make my domain work with it (Im not using a dedicated port, im not sure if i need to), secondly everyone has a steve skin and thirdly getting players UniqueId's is returning a different UUID than what i see on websites.
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  3. I want to start playing a new game. Starting with Windows 98 and the slightly updating to newer version. Where do I find DirectX12?
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  4. I want to start making new hardware. Starting with iPod 2 and then slightly updating to newer versions. Where do I find iPod Touch?
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    You don't need a dedicated port, no. Basic DNS records don't care about ports. The problem will be if you do not have a dedicated IP. If that's the case, you need to either see if the ISP can give you a static IP (doubtful) or switch to a dynamic DNS service like No-IP or DynDNS. If this is paid hosting, then you already have a static IP so that's irrelevant.
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    You're using a heavily outdated version, thing's changed massively between then and now of course shit's broke.
    I know for a fact a certain set of versions have no sound/music due to them being so old