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CraftBukkit or Spigot

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  1. Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my bad language.
    I use spigot 1.11.2 from https://getbukkit.org, first my question what is better "CraftBukkit" or "spigot" ?
    I want open a server on my VPS

    Code (Text):
    CPU: four cores
    Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3 or E5-2630v4 processor
    12 GB RAM
    300 GB disk space SSD
    100 Mbit/s port
    DDoS protection
    Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter (64 bit)
    how many ppl can join to such VPS and play w/o lags etc ?

    Now my Main questions:

    I wish to have survival minecraft server witch creative mode I mean create one world extra and make it creative when player tp to the world will get godmode and when return to survive all items from inventory remove (only from creative) I found:

    GameMode Inventories https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/gamemodeinventories/files but for 1.11.1
    Multiverse-Core https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/multiverse-core/files but for 1.9
    Multiverse Portals https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/multiverse-portals/files but for 1.8.1
    so can you tell me if any another mods can do the same and support 1.11.2 ?

    next Question

    we have an idea to make some maps from Quake 3 Arena (for ppl who dont know what it is

    here screenshot from my server http://screenshot.sh/ofrwz3U1Watlm
    but its 1.7.2 bukkit and I found

    Quake Plugin https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/quakecraft/files only for 1.7.9

    Please suggest me plugins for pvp and creative mode in survival works with 1.11.2

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    First of all, spigot is like a more advanced version of craftbukkit. Therefore it will require more resources to run things like the ore obfuscator. Spigot can run all craftbukkit plugins but craftbukkit cannot run all spigot plugins. If your server was smaller and your computer not as good, you should use craftbukkit. But seeing as your VPS has some decent specs, you should use Spigot. Craftbukkit is useful for lower end machines, and Spigot is exactly what is says it is: a high performance Minecraft server. For the amount of people, I'd say fifty people per gb or ram you allocate to the server. Maybe more.
  3. Thank you for answer first my question after it I will stay on spigot :)
    now waiting for the rest answer
  4. Finally sort out it and work like a charm
    Just if you can suggest me some good mods for pvp/area