Minecraft 1.11.2

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  1. Plus, by using Spigot you are using Bukkit. If what you mean is that you will use CraftBukkit, all I can say is if it works for you, why would someone object?
  2. Yes, but why did you make spigot in the first place?
  3. They have a wiki page for this stuff; https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/about-spigot/
    Per wiki "It is a modified Minecraft server based on CraftBukkit"
  4. WAS


    Yeah not sure why bad performance will always be better. Spigot just builds upon, utilizes a more configurable... Config. For lack of better words. Lol

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  5. >_>

    Bukkit = Api to write plugins;
    CraftBukkit = Software which implements the Bukkit Api (a modification of the official minecraft_server.jar)
    Spigot = Modification of CraftBukkit (Since CraftBukkit includes Bukkit, Spigot does as well.)

    You seem to be a bit confused, my friend.
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  6. I wasn't really correcting you, just quoting the wiki... helping give this guy his answer. Wasn't actually confused ;)
  7. Damn this one was fast.
  8. thanks you very much :)
  9. Thanks ! Nice job ;)
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  10. cool, very cool :D :D
  11. Comming Soon 1.12 xD
  12. I play 1.8 for pvp thats better :p
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  13. Good job, thank you!
  14. How to make many games in one minecraft/spigotserver?
  15. By using Multiple Worlds

    Better to just use BungeeCord
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  16. Is there any?..instead of bungee?
  17. Eh... kinda off topic.
  18. Huh?........
  19. smmmadden


    you're question was too vague and potentially off the topic of this conversation. If you are asking how to create "in-game" challenges, activities and things to do, that's up to the owner to be creative - just search the internet and you'll find many suggestions.

    If your question was how to setup multiple minecraft servers, again, search the internet or even in Spigot to get guidance on using Spigot, Paper Spigot or even BungeCord networks. There are tons of topics on both everywhere on the internet.
  20. And so i am trying for the last two days and the versions i am behind keeps rising. I am using Buildtools and keep it auto-up-2-date, and if i say "latest" or "1.11.2" it does not matter, it still is 8 versions behind.... Do i have to go out and search for the Buildtools.jar to do it the good old DOS way?
    Thanks for advise...
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