Minecraft 1.11 Roadmap

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Nov 9, 2016.

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  1. ViaVersion and Bungee 1.11.
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  2. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Hypixel maintain their own version of the server software, Bungee 1.11 won't do anything unless you have something that supports the 1.11 protocol.
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  3. I'm still a rookie when it comes to running a minecraft server. Spigot has been one of the best I've come across. Even though my servers are for friends and family, I make sure I'm always up-to-date. 1.11 just came out today. Spigot will take a week. Ok, fine with me. You guys take as long as you need to make your fine product. I will patiently wait for the results. I thank you for all the work you do to make this product.
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  4. Most likely any plugin that uses minecraft sounds will break as minecraft changed the name on tons of sounds. It should be easy fix if you have a little java experience.
  5. I know Hypixel use their own version - not sure about CubeCraft.
  6. Hi thanks for the updating and the timing! i hope you not getting any trouble!:)
  7. klugemonkey


    Thanks for all the hard work Spigot team and md_5.

    I agree that there is no rush since additional Mojang issues may still pop up after the first major release. Best to give the API it a decent test and best way is for plugin developers to update their code and start testing the API. Only then when we start using the API do we really find something might require a fix.

    Maybe even consider making Spigot pre-release builds for 1.11 starting on the 20th until the bug counts settle down which very well may be weeks later. Early API review is great, but I'm sure lots of problems are spotted as well in real world testing.

    And for other developers, make sure you have updated your buildtools builds to the *latest* changes from Spigot before reporting an issue, since a lot of issues get fixed by the team right away after they are found. I know some of us have all been there and been guilty of this, including me.

    But it can't be emphasized more in order to have the Spigot team focused on responding to new and reproducable issues.

    So, please always double check you have the latest build, confirm the issue, provide good information to reproduce the issue and check the bug database for similar issues before reporting.

    Happy hunting.
  8. I understand that many users haven't updated to 1.9 or higher, I think this is because of the combat that had shown up since the update of Minecraft 1.9. I was planning to update to 1.11 myself until I saw that nothing had changed in relation to the combat update. For this reason I have decided to stay on 1.8 myself. But I would really like to say that 1.7 is a little bit too far of the road.. 1.7 is kind of is the oldest version people are STILL using...
  9. MiniDigger


    if you say that nothing other than combat changed you did t look at the changes at all. just all the fixed bugs and exploits in MC and spigot should make you update ASAP if you are not able to patch then yourself.
  10. Cool, this shouldn't be a biggie then, they dropped the API changes today which outlines some worrying changes.
    looks like I'll be using ViaVersion for a while!
  11. I have just updated my bungee to 1.11. Can't wait for spigot on Sunday! I'll connect a semi-vanilla server in the network just for anyone who wants to test the new version.
    Good work and much appreciated, SPIGOT team.
  12. Thanks for all your hard work, im also new to owning a server since near the end of 1.9 spigot. As soon as 1.10 spigot came out i wanted to update from day 1! lol So i dont understand why people arent running it months after, doesnt anyone on their servers ask for it? We were like the first UK server to update, which doesnt seem right. Being a new server you would have thought we didnt know enough to update that quick. But my co-owner / plugins guy did a fantastic job and is still learning more plugins to better our server...

    Anyways, also looking forward to the new Spigot 1.11 release! Thank your team for all their time and effort that they spend on this for servers around the world. We really appreciate it and have many HOURs of fun from it! :)
  13. From what I saw none of the sounds changed they just removed one and added some
  14. First I would like to thank you and the entire team that sacrifices so much of your personal times to create, troubleshoot, and maintain such a great framework!
    I have tried other platforms and have always found Spigot the best option and the most reliable!

    Next I would like to just voice my opinion on the 3 day testing phase. That is a GREAT idea and well worth the wait!!!

    Finally, I wanted to let all you devs that work so hard that I personally would LOVE to be able to roll-out the latest and greatest versions. However, as for me, it is not so much a matter of the "prisoner's dilemma" but, rather a prisoner to the mods!
    I have found that I get chased after like a fox running from the hound dogs when I take away my players beloved mods! They REALLY do not like: not being able to lock their chests, when their wooden houses burn down due to lighting fire, and heaven forbid I take away all the features from Commandbook or their furniture!
    As such, I usually have to wait to update until the mods have updated to support your versions.
    Just thought that was pertinent to say since it really has NO reflection on my desire to update or all of you that work so hard!

    Again, I thank all of you and I really do appreciate the hard work and your faithful devotion!!!
  15. Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to it.
  16. @andrew01745 They are testing it so they find bugs ealier and so that they can resolve it before you get the build. Otherwise you need to keep updating your jar to get the latest version with all the bugfixes.
  17. A week or so isn't a long time to wait to be able to update... use ViaVersion so 1.11 clients can connect for now and wait. You used to have wait for a month+ for CraftBukkit to update after a Vanilla release came out even before plugins started to update. Spigot already updates extremely fast and frequently, out of their own free time - they aren't obligated to do so, so waiting a little won't kill you/us (especially as it means less bugs/issues on release).

    I will never understand why players refuse to join 1.9+ servers - especially when(from a hosting perspective) it seems to usually be the same players that complain that the servers they do join don't have the latest features/blocks/mobs etc... just cannot please some people. I've always kept up to date - not just for the MC features, but for the bug fixes and patches provided that earlier versions lack - and there is almost always a way around any issues/unwanted features with plugins anyway.
    I look forward to getting to leading my Llama army around my server, but I will happily wait patiently for both Spigot and the plugins I use to have updated in order to do so, and have plenty of loyal players who will do the same.
    Keep up the good work Spigot team!
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  18. MiniDigger


    patience is key ;)
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  19. @andrew01745 your attitude is extremely wrong. md_5 and the others work very hard and you don't pay anything for that. Don't act like a douche when they are that fast. At least read md_5s post, your comment suggests that you didn't undestand his reasoning behind the schedule.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Messed up or what ..
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