Minecraft 1.11 Roadmap

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Nov 9, 2016.

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  1. I noticed that too.
    I think it's a big.
    1.11.1 HYPE! :D
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  2. This is 151baccardi saying thanks to the team of spigot and for all the hard work. We have a server I try to update and keep current and I know all about the 18 hour stints and the years of hair loss and greying that come with maintenance and research. Good job from all of megacitycraft. Give my regards to Andrewkm.
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  3. ssamjh


    all hail 1.11.1
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  4. Looking forward to the new update. Thanks for all the hard work you put into Spigot, md_5 ( and the rest of the team). Something I should ask though: how much are the new renamed entities going to break more "legacy" plugins?

    It's a shame that we have to watch other servers stick with old versions, unless they absolutely cannot emulate the old behavior in the new versions if they have to instead of embracing the new. My opinion? It's not worth the 1.8 PVP to lose out on the Elytra and many new features of Minecraft. I admit I'm guilty of running 1.10 instead of 1.10.2 (I didn't really see much point until now). But I have always consistently updated because most of my players get used to the new fun stuff. It's better for them. It's not worth holding back just because you hate one little thing. So I agree, for the sake of everyone, update your server!

    Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the full Spigot release.
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  5. Well it's an opinionated argument so you could take it either way. :p
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  6. ssamjh


    I can understand both sides, recently I have started working with Mineswine, and I have made sure every server is running the latest version so the developers are always using the latest to code. We do run the factions server on 1.8.8 for "the pvp" I have been told but hopefully with 1.11 coming out soon we can upgrade to that.

    We are utilizing ViaVersion and ViaBackwards since 1.11 has come out as a temporally fix but we are moving onto real 1.11 ASAP.
  7. Why does the update take so long? Sponge has already got an update out and we're usually really fast.
  8. ssamjh


    Did you read the original post?
  9. yeah but why are they faster than us if they have to wait for forge?
  10. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    That's sponge Vanilla, not sponge forge.
  11. Hello Everybody it's me the new guy thought since I just joined the community I'd might as well join the discussions and start getting involved.

    I'm not gunna lie i wrote this more than once lol but I couldn't find a balance between the apposed or the against side where i fit in and given my current all together play history is last September even though I've almost played every waking hour since i first dawned on this little game I've learned quickly minecraft has it's own "politics and religion" sort to say and though i probably should i choose not to get caught in the "in-depth" hype and drama.... however in my own opinion though both sides hold some very vaild points i still have to agree with both sides to some extents' but only in relation to my own personal skill level and ability

    so before you tag on a killshot rant about my post and flood it with in-depth statistics and theories and proclivities just please note that if you can code your own plugin im not referring to you and if you are part of a server that currently makes good coin or certainly intends too and or you pay exclusively for your products and have certain legal agreements/arrangments with your dev's etc your a self maintain server and use public but highly outdated/abandoned plugins then im not referring to you either)

    if your a dev currently or in past that devoted your personal time into gifting free plugins and support to the mincraft community regardless of the genre functionality or version its compatible with firstly that's very kind of you and like many i extend my full gratitude.
    like wise if your a dev who has many premium plugins ore a mix of premium and public plugins you as well deserve thanks just the same. even if you only do custom work for payments for people who cant at all code but want something vary particular or just in general any case for any example cant we just agree to dissagree that just like anything else minecraft will indeffinitly update untill its extinct and for the small size of the community and the shear amount of resources in general that are available for the picking that you should just sit back and pat yourselves on the back for a minute on what has been accomplished to date.

    anyways the good news is that your all correct in your own way if you sit back and look at the whole picture.....
    ---if you or i was on board with a major network thats banking the /baltop irl then we probably wouldnt wanna upgrade either plus they likely have their own dev team and arent really worried about upgrading anyways as long as everything is working smoothly( i mean you just cant beat a good old fashioned toaster or alarm clock lol providing you have a buddy or two who knows how to keep them running and a steady customerbase of people desperate to rent old appliances lol) .
    ---on the other hand some people are just ignorant of allot of things related to minecraft like myself maaybe in experienced and dont know any better or simply dont know where to find the information.. im willing to say at least 10 ppl in the world right now that play minecraft and have no idea about that the versions have passsed the 1.7 update lol or even how to update to that version etc. i first learned about minecraft last september give or take it was around that time and i played it on ps3 for nearly a month b4 i knew it was a computer game and the only reason i figured it out was because i got the windows 10 update on my surface pro with mc on it and one day around that time period i noticed in game during one of the sill catch phrases that it mentioned other editions of minecraft lol i played the pc version for 4-6 weeks nearly befor knowing you could go online and B{}{}M thousands of online servers lol whole bunches of different game mode and stuff im still not even sure what it is.
    --again some owners feel more family orientated with there player base and likely dont care to updates as long asif the players are happy all is good rite?...
    ---similar to friend and family ownd server or whitelisted server that do alot of roleplay and youtube
    ---since i aim to be a developer in the near future as i learn some basic java skillz i can uderstand in any case but especially if i was volunteering my time i can see how you would be upset as to why the mc community wouldn't wanna update to a perfectly fine and fastastic version of their currently and now newly outdated software meanwhile the whole time bantering about support and so on and so on...

    ever since i started this games after the 1.9 all i hear every day in game on every server in almost every forums is about fail pvp and how mojang messed it up with 1.9 lol
    ..but i try not to be a hypocrite i can't code my own plugins i wont begin to act like i know what im talking about and still despite the fact since last month i have decided to take the task of starting a bungee network with more than one gamemode (help from friends) with little to no experience in general lest alone with 'Minecraft ' and the way it's coded (i know this isn't the proper place but if you wanna teach a fast learner please help me JAVA)<----- no seriously im not joking and its my favorite drink i know i cant go wrong plus personally id be willing to help in anyway i can and give back to the community as my offer of good karma.... each one teach one and since i believe it's peoples opinions/ingenuity/individuality and creativity as well as their differences and personal contributions alike that made this game into what it is today or at least thats what i assume since i cant currently list every noteable thing you can do and customize within minecraft .o_O

    anyways im pumped for the future and what it holds for minecraft i hope they soon add some iron half slabs lol
    1.11 yeah we'll be updating to the new version if its stable and deffinitly once it is.
    a huge thanks to the spigot community for all the dedicated time and ofc to all the devs for making all those custom plugins free for my downloading for hours and hours of mind numbing entertainment configuring them and days of enjoyment that follow with my close friends and our players but absolutely for making my server building and personalizing everything from plugins to schematics experience hella easier than it should have been:cool:
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  12. MiniDigger


    a wall of text is a good wall, gotta keep those lazy 1.8 ppl out ^^
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  13. Hi all! Looking forward to the weekend now. I run a little server for my family and some colleagues at work. Even tho i am biting nails and looking forward to getting patched i love the integrity of the dev team for waiting with the release, even as the hordes are knocking at their door ;)
  14. this is a vanilla bug, i have same in solo mode.
  15. MiniDigger


    not only have you failed to comply with the rules of this community, your statement doesn't even make sense in German too...
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  16. Thanks to the Spigot Team we HAVE a reliable API for mc plugins (No hate towards Bukkit, i just like Spigot more as its more optimized & stuff)
    People shouldnt argue about "no fast updates" -> Be happy that they DO make updates.

    Cant wait to update my plugins once Spigot 1.11 comes out! Take it easy ;)
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  17. A heartfelt thanks to everyone on the spigot team for doing this. It makes it possible for myself and my friends to enjoy our server. Mad props etc. :)
  18. cowgod


    Let me first say thank you to the entire Spigot team for keeping the Minecraft multiplayer community alive and well. Your work is appreciated.

    I would love to update to 1.11, but I can't even get off 1.8.8 yet because there are plugins we use that have not been updated. Some have been abandoned, meaning that we have to find an alternative. Some developers are indeed working on updates, but they take time. In some cases, I've found that there are no alternatives, so we are basically out of luck.
  19. @cowgod That is exactly the problem that we are facing too. Some plugins got abandoned or a really slow update process.
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