Minecraft 1.11 Roadmap

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  1. I Have been a player and a server developer.. the things that i see players want vs what the server owner wants will not always match(i did read most comments).

    The things that i noticed about updates that are the problems are..

    Server Owners Point of view:
    - When Plugins update so does the Configs
    - Listening to all players
    - getting the updates for the plugin on time (then testing out the plugin to see they need a replacement)
    - Money.. i feel like there needs to be an offical forums to what can be sold and what cannot with Commands, Perks and "Recommended Plugins.
    - Losing players if they update.

    Players Point of view;
    - Change
    - Map Reset(So good Bye items/buildings/and Good loot)
    - hacking clients (we know most of us use them and all the benefits from them)

    My Comments; I think there is times when a owner listens to the Community of the server and other times were he listens to his gut not all the time players going to be right, but most if us want to profit and yes i seen Plugins from past years that work fine and perfect with the latest updates and dont crash (I would love to see more of those) but i have been working on a project that will work with 1.7-(Infinity) using plugins that i know wont fail on me in the future
    As long as a server can work with Minecraft survival it can last for a while without updating plugins only the .jar of the server... but Making a balanced server like that is hard, but if it works.. ill drop a seed (Server Folder) somewere were players can get it and Still re-use and update the configs while updating and gaining the Donations. o_O How will this work?

    Shh.. it will be ok.. still havent figured out how but a work in progress :p

    But a plugin that automatically updates with Minecraft Spigot versions would be great.
  2. AngelRani


    As soon as Spigot 1.11 is released, I will update my server to it. I honestly don't why people are still on 1.8. Before people even start to go on me and complain about 1.9 PvP, there are plugins out there that bring 1.7/18 PvP mechanics to newer versions so don't give me that excuse. Also, those who complain about their plugins not working with newer versions, well developers have had around 5 months to update their plugins since 1.10 came out. There is honestly no excuse as to why there hasn't been updates for their plugins to support 1.10. There are massive plugins out there that have been updated to 1.10 for at least a few months now. Also to server owners who stick to plugins that haven't been updated to work with 1.10 or even 1.9 for that matter, you should really consider looking into another plugin. As the rest of us are moving forward, we WILL leave you behind. Also if your server community is basically forcing you to stay on something like 1.8, then they are the reason you are not gaining as many players as you could be. Sure you will lose some players by updating, but you will also gain some in the process. I honestly think that taking the risk and updating is worth it in the long run.
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  3. Players prefer 1.8, that's the reason.

    When I see the most used version with ViaVersion, 95% of my players are using 1.8, when I done a poll asking what was the favorite version, 90% of them said 1.8, it is simply not worth the risk updating to 1.9+. (even tho I want)

    If it was just ~50% of the player base, then okay... but no, it is ~90%, so...

    The reason? I don't know, most of them say that 1.9+ is too laggy, so they don't like it.
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  4. Keep up the good work @md_5 along with the team! I'm sure we can all help contribute to testing as soon as it's out, pretty happy to see it may come out on my birthday too! (Sat 19th). Either way keep it up Spigot ! <3
  5. @FleetPaw not all plugins have an alternative. Like traincarts, a important plugin for themepark servers. The developers of that plugin still don't have it updated to 1.9. And not many servers have the developers with the knowledge to update those kind of plugin or building an alternative.
  6. I've noticed that many people on 1.7 are running a modded Forge + Spigot server. Unfortunately, getting these people to update is extremely unlikely and they expect/demand support for their versions. For some developers, it is hard to say no to these users due to the concern of loosing these users and forming a negative opinion of them.
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  7. I'm really looking foward to updating my servers to this once it's available. Keep up the good work! :D
  8. Tuesday 15th
    • Draft Bukkit 1.11 API released.
    @md_5 What is the "Draft" Bukkit?
  9. MiniDigger


    I doubt that it will be final. he releases the draft api so developers and take a look at the api changes and start updating their plugins. after the spigot release there will be more stuff added over time.
  10. In all honesty I want to update to 1.11 to play around with it's features and might probably work something new out of it, but then again my player base is 99% 1.8 and they make their own complains about the newer versions, as they being laggy or similar, so by updating it's basically killing the server and I'd say max 10% will stay, so it's an assured death for the server. I do indeed appreciate all the work put into spigot versions, but again many servers I've seen having gamemodes specific to any version higher than 1.8 are dead.
  11. I tried to run 1.10.2 side by side with 1.8.9 but my players preferred 1.8.9 even thought 1.10.2 had more features, 95% of my player base were playing only on 1.8.X and the 1.10.2 servers were only wasting memory, so I had to shut it down and mix them together in a protocol hack. I prefer 1.10.2 but it's not fun to play alone in a server.
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  12. So about the topic of people not wanting to update. It's kinda just sad. Even now a days many devices are still running java 7. Some times i just wonder why. I always keep my stuff as up to date as it can be and I'm proud of it. I've even stooped using java 7 in coding my plugins because it's outdated. On a server I'm staff on i pushed really hard to get them to update to 1.10. yes some things broke but a majority of players still play on it and it's still a good server. Updating isn't bad and people shouldn't treat it as a bad thing.
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  13. And watch as no one plays your server because they can play on some other server with the mc version they want..
  14. The main issue is the new PVP system, most people don't like it, also many people says that 1.9+ is way heavier then 1.8.9 and they can't play it :/
  15. Great, I'm waiting for it. thanks md_5 <3
  16. @md_5 some peoples don't like changes... (this is why Notch sold Minecraft, peoples start hates him cuz of eula) but you and the community do this updates for us with passion, don't start hate this kind of people and don't be dissapointed
    Long life Spigot!
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  17. AngelRani


    I see that the plugin is open source. I could probably see if compiling the plugin with the newest version of the API would make it work with 1.10. If it needs more than that, then I won't touch it.

    EDIT: Check the dev builds. Last dev build was back in August of 2016.
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  18. i9hdkill

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    That looks like a solid 1.11 release plan to squash critical bugs before they hit live servers and eventually stay there forever, due to lazy admins. We are using 1.9 and 1.10 since almost day one our non pvp servers like skyblock, citybuild or pvp gamemodes that are based on weapon plugins, but accepting 1.8 and 1.9 clients on all of our servers.

    Due to players like the old 1.8 combat system, we are forced to stay on 1.8 (but accepting 1.9 and 1.10 clients).
    It's the players choice to stay on 1.8, we DO appreciate the hard work and effort the devs are putting into developing new spigot versions and plugins for up to date spigot versions and we using them, as mentioned above.
    Sure we could update, but we would lose a big playerbase. Bad for players and last but not least, bad for us. So that is not an option.

    We make use of recent 1.10.2 versions where we can, to convince players to update: Buildevent servers, event servers, a spongeforge pixelmon server and many more.

    But it's up to Mojang to fix combat, to allow us updating.
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  19. Usually all the players excuses as to why they don't like 1.9 is the combat system, no matter what we try to convince them that we are able to change combat system to be like 1.7/1.8, but on 1.9/1.10
  20. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    You can disable combat cooldowns with attributes people...
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