Minecraft 1.11 Roadmap

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  1. AngelRani


    Since I keep seeing this, I will just leave this link here.
    This is the plugin I use on my own servers for combat. I personally like the 1.7/1.8 PvP mechanics myself and that is one of the reasons I got this plugin. This plugin gives me the option to have 1.7/1.8 PvP mechanics on a 1.10.2 server.
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  2. @FleetPaw That is still builds for 1.8. They have a construction where BKCommonLib handles serveral version specific stuff, for Traincarts and SignLink. So before someone could get 1.10 working for Traincarts, he would be needed to patch BKCommonLib with lots of oa NMS and more version specific stuff.
  3. AngelRani


    Welp. Someone else can touch that then. I am not going to. xD
  4. That is exactly what the problem is with that plugin @FleetPaw. It is the only one in his kind, but the way it is build, is not future proof. It would probably need a full rewrite. But their developers don't even have time to patch it to 1.9 and higher, so they would not build a rewrite. But i haven't found anyone who builds a proper replacement. And i don't have the knowledge myself to do that.
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  5. Agree.
    Code (Text):
                    .addModifier(new AttributeModifier("[email protected]#$%", Double.MAX_VALUE, Operation.ADD_NUMBER));
  6. just one question :
    tradby google :
    why not limited the number of previous version.
    simply the lock and prevent that it no longer updates.
    this is the method used by the linux distro.
    if we want to stay in old version can, but everyone's choices.​
  7. We understand that concept, most server owners are very aware of that, yet the players will not want to understand...
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    Yes, but if pvp players see a 1.9/1.10 server in a server list they are like: Oh, don't go there, they have that shitty combat system, let's look for a 1.8 server.
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  9. Why not just advertise "1.8 PVP! COME NOW!!!!!!!!"
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  10. Thanks for taking the time to test everything first, @md_5 Thats a big help to us all... The only issue I have with your note is the final section about updating: Plugins. plugins take time to develop and update as well - and many of these developers have smaller teams (of 1) and some are in Highschool or maybe even college. I will be updating (finally) this week after months of making my own changes and finding replacement plugins that are compatible with the prior setup. Don't think for a second we all stick with something because everyone else does - it's deeper than that. It's gameplay and it's adaptability and it's time. We do thank you for your efforts, as they set the path for the rest to follow.
  11. NacOJerk


    Thank you :)
    I wonder if there is any way random devs (like me) can help you guys ?
  12. MiniDigger


  13. NacOJerk


    Just randomly asking how much and what are the chance of what I make to be included because I have a few gigantic ideas that i belive could be great and would work super smooth if they are made directly from the spigot jar instead of me having to make a gigantic hookup libary
    Just to say what I wish to add (and more or less know how)
    Saving data on blocks
    Changing nbt (super eZ don't know why it is not a thing)
    Making recipes much more customizable (like item dependent and having the ingredients effect the result )
  14. MiniDigger


    the spigot team doesn't really want to bloat the api with stuff. keep that in mind. but if you want to contribute to spigot, read that page and come chat with us in irc in the #spigotdev channel.
    this was a political decision of spigot (and bukkit). they don't expose nbt to the user because they could break to much things. you shouldn't really need to access nbt anyways since the api should give you those features (and if not, those should be added)
  15. NacOJerk


    A feature missing that I won't mind adding than is using nbt to store data on an item I guess we can have an nbt tag path(this way they won't break shit) to allow them to store data there
    This can have extremely amazing results like this one
    Which a bud of myn wrote using a nbt editing libary I made for us
    I won't mind also just randomly adding (or at least try to add) more nms features to normal spigot API
    So I would start working on these stuff tommorow
  16. Let me share a graph of my Minecraft network version share over the last 48 hours:
    Even though 1.10 has increased, being the second most played version, it frigtens me that 1.8 always has been more than 50%, never dropped that number before...
    I do run a 1.10.2 Spigot with ProtocolSupport and two weeks ago I dropped ProtocolSupportBungee, which let 1.6 and 1.5 clients connect to my server AND it was 2% of the players. I run HexagonMC's BungeeCord, because of 1.7 support, but with the release of 1.11, I am thinking to drop 1.7 support and wait until 1.8 drops as well...
    But it's kinda fun to look at SkyWars players, playing with 1.8 PVP and a 1.10 player uses proper PvP, kills everybody and that guy gets reported xD damn kiddos.

    Thanks to all Spigot team for your job \(^o^)/ keep up the good work
  17. I'll try to update when the spigot version will be released, I'm really excited about the new items
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  18. andrewkm

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    I followed this entire thread @md_5 - but this, this was way uncalled for and below the belt. I had full front respect for this entire discussion and in fact agreed with much of what you said, especially [with me] being one of the guys who constantly update to the latest version; yet offer my players a way to connect with previous versions using projects such as "ProtocolSupport".

    However, shooting this "monetary" statment at a valid arguement is pretty low man. The division I've seen in this community (at the highest levels) has really hurt many people, myself included.
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  19. As a responsible and fairly punctual tester and updater of my server and plugins, I really appreciated the quick work you guys did on 1.9 and 1.10. (draft API is really helpful) I understand the reasoning to slow down this release a bit, even if it didn't include personal scheduling issues. Do what you need to do.

    I wonder how much the lack of dev/beta/RC/RB type stages plays into this. While the Bukkit cycle had issues, I did feel it mitigated some of the early update problems for casual admins. It's less apparent these days when it's "safe-ish" to update if you're not doing extensive testing and JIRA browsing.

    And for the record, this is the current percentages based on the (limited) mcstats.org data.
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