MineCraft 1.13 and Mac w/ Retina

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  1. So I ran into this issue with the new update.

    Long story short, MineCraft now hooks into a different system, and on Macs with a retina display, the game runs at a higher resolution, which in turn runs your game super hard, heats up your computer, drops your FPS to about 1/4 and really kills the game experience for you.

    I noticed that if you change the resolution in the game, it seems to mess other stuff up. If you pick a certain resolution, close, reopen the game, it reverts back to the default setting. And 4/5 times it crashes the game altogether.

    After WEEKS of fighting back and forth with Mojang with this, they finally came up with a solution for me. Its called RDM (Retina Display Manager)

    With RDM you can manually set the "highest resolution" for your mac. In turn, allowing the game to not actually run using the full resolution of your screen. This was a HUGE saver for me. I am now able to actually play 1.13

    I had to search quite a bit to find a download, as Mojang sent me the file themselves, but I finally found it if anyone is looking for it.

    Just click RDM-2.2.dmg

    Optimal Settings:
    I have a MacBook pro 15" (2880x1800) and in sys pref I have my display set at the scaling 1 right of default. It says "Looks like 1680 x 1050" Now that means MC runs at 4 times the size (3360x2100) EEEK right?!?! So with RDM when setting a screen size, it default is set to 1680x1050⚡️ ... so all I had to do is change it to the same one (1680x1050) but without the lightning bolt, and my game is good to go!

    Obviously set it to whichever screen size works best for yourself
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  2. Is this your tool or Mojang's tool?
  3. Neither, im not sure who made it, but mojang sent me a copy of the tool, so I had to search for a download link for anyone else who may be having the same problem I have

    I found their github