Minecraft 1.13: API Preview 2

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    So sorry that you're inconvenienced. Should be a snap to write yourself a little wrapper so that you can keep using deprecated ids. Maybe you could offer it as a Premium Plugin.
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    Because we would have to make up over a hundred unofficial ids that will be used by no one but spigot.
    Why do this when you can use the same Ids that every other Minecraft thing uses?
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  3. With tab-completion, the text ID format is a lot faster to type. And you don't need to memorize random numbers, which will become undocumented for new blocks since spigot would need to make up its own numbers. It's a lot faster to type //replace co<tab>wa<tab> red<tab>; tab completion means that typing is a non-issue.

    No, the new format in fact uses a lot less disk space, because of the palette. And if spigot made its own format, that would break vanilla save compatibility, which is simply put not going to happen.

    You say (in a mangled form) that time is money. Implementing this would waste many hours of developer time, to support something that really doesn't need to exist. It'd probably waste more time than it'd take for you to learn how to use the supported format.
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  4. Agree with you. Thanks
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  5. Thanks for a good answer, I respect your points.
  6. I used names since the functionality was there.
    With worldedit it’s easy to use. Commands will complete very well. Look at the Mc commands it’s easier to use now. @R00t
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  7. Plugins like WorldEdit will still be able to map old numeric IDs (and data values) to the new string IDs. They might even accept those values for commands.
    Using the string IDs will be easier in 1.13, because the IDs shown in the client will match the names in the Material enum.
  8. Personally I look forward to never seeing those old numeric IDs. They were/are a perfect example of an unsorted and illogically laid out enum that evolved over time. With that said, I completely understand why some folks are upset by its removal but for me, even though it will mean quite a bit of work, I say the time has come to move on.
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