Minecraft 1.13: API Preview 3

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  1. MiniDigger


    Just use the material enum and the valueOf method to get materials. No need to touch nms for that.
  2. well i learned a thing from this so that's good xD
  3. Unfortunately, lots of people don't understand to get the material name from the javadocs, and try the minecraft version anyways. That being said, maybe those people shouldn't be working with configs. I thought it'd be dumb to actually use a method of getting a material that creates two new useless instances. It was still a nice find, though.
  4. MiniDigger


    the material enum now uses the same name as minecraft again. https://hub.spigotmc.org/stash/proj...a?at=96ba77c034bfcac7f5929eaccaefd36bf064a595
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  5. which is super good!
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  6. getMaterial(); How is it going to work with config?
  7. I'm really looking forward for the new Version.
    • Is there a way to improve the current Scoreboard API? With some "new" Java Patterns like Observables and so on..
  8. Like any other enum.
    or even better
    org.apache.commons.lang3.EnumUtils.getEnum(Material.class, materialString);
    because this doesn't throw an exception if materialString is not a Material enum value or even even better
    org.apache.commons.lang3.EnumUtils.getEnumIgnoreCase(Material.class, materialString);
    because this should support the internal lower case String IDs.
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  9. MiniDigger


    propose something. the team is already looking for new contributions from the community.
  10. What deprecation will be completely phased out in 1.13? I know some things have been deprecated since forever. Are you planning to phase them all out?
  11. Hey everyone. I happened to have a bug/thinghy when using PlayerInteractEntityEvent. I comment it here because it may be useful when making the 1.13 update.

    That event doesn't fires at all when I click on an Arrow. Thanks!
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  12. The client is not sending an UseEntity packet for arrows as far as I know.
  13. To me, in some aspects, it would be much better to have a new API, but in others, it’ll cause me a few problems. Will this affect the plugin Vault?
  14. no idea, however if it did, it wouldn't be hard to update for 1.13 :p
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  15. MiniDigger


    You can look at all the deprecated methods that have been removed in the commit that is linked in the op.
  16. 2008Choco

    Resource Staff

    Vault is an API, therefore it's not likely that anything will break.
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  17. *finds a way to break it*
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