Minecraft 1.13: API Preview 4

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. MiniDigger


    ms organized minecon, not mojang.
    I know for a fact that grum had a branch which world gen stuff for years, I feel like somebody is limiting him again ( *cough* jeb *cough*) just like with the way to often delayed block id changes.
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  2. Everybody keeps saying Mojang doesn't have any say or doesn't do anything anymore .. I think a lot of people have to realise MS's a little big - and big enough to be busy with enough stuff that Mojang has their own responsibilities.

    It really isn't like MS just walks into the room and goes "Make grass greener!"
  3. MiniDigger


    MS has a dedicated studio working on minecraft. thats what I am refering to when I mean that MS does smth. mojang still manages everything about the java edition, but I don't think that they got to plan minecon alone.
  4. Oh, nobody cares about minecon, lol
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  5. Given that customized worlds aren't supported in the snapshot, I'm going to assume that the data-driven part isn't ready yet but will happen it an upcoming snapshot. Looking briefly at the code, things do seem to be a bit more modular (but I haven't tried to read everything yet).
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  6. MiniDigger


    mmh ok, then I did just misinterpret what grum said on reddit. exited to see how they allow customization then!
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    Cann't ... anyone can help me?
  8. Maybe we can if you post in the right section. This thread is about 1.13. you're compiling 1.12
  9. yea, im pretty much waiting for 1.13 before i start releasing public plugins or do any major work for my own private plugin (so im sorta in a finish what i have, but don't add anything stage atm while i wait) ill probably also wait a bit and see what doesn't get updated and slowly put up my own replacements aswell
  10. Optic_Fusion1

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    hmm, someone likes copying comments
  11. Hoping there will be a way to generate a map that is entirely ocean with all the new stuff.
  12. This should already be possible with the "customized" world type -- easy to do in singleplayer, and then you should be able to use that preset on your server in server.properties. Should; I'm not entirely sure on the process.

    But it should be even more customizable later on, hopefully.
  13. MiniDigger


    Good thing that customized is disabled in the current snapshot ^^
  14. SlimeDog

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    Well, it might make fishing for (non-fish) items unnecessary; just grab them from the surface? Weird.

    Gravity and buoyancy should work as expected: float-y items should float; sink-y items should sink.
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  15. Less lag from redstone updates. :>
  16. SlimeDog

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    PandaWire. :)
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  17. Today I played with phantom, turtles, and trident. :D
  18. Still, less lag. (And maybe more from new things...)
    Shouldn't this update be 'Technically' better and less laggy? Now they could call it Technically Underwater.
    'Blub blub blub blub.'
  19. Um do you guys do the skins for minecraft cause for some reason the skins for older versions of minecraft no one has a skin that they have uploaded.
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